Senior Knight, Kevin Jourdain Jr. Welcomes a New Mascot Into His Life: A Bulldog

Senior Knight, Kevin Jourdain Jr. Welcomes a New Mascot Into His Life: A Bulldog

Annalyse McBride, Herald Staff

As of today, Kevin Jourdain Jr. is officially ready to start a new chapter of his life as a Yale Bulldog. Many colleges and universities reached out to him with offers but as soon as he got an offer from an Ivy League school, he knew that was the kind of school he wanted to further both his athletic and academic careers in. When asked why he chose Yale over all the other options he replied, “I chose Yale because I felt they cared more about me, they really wanted the best for me and they really were a good choice for life after football.” He will be majoring in economics while attending the university.  His plan is to make a career out of football but he said if that doesn’t work out he’ll be very happy to have the opportunity to use his Ivy League degree.

This is definitely not the start of his football career. Jourdain began playing when he was in third grade and has played every year since. At the signing he took the time to thank all of his coaches who have helped him succeed during his 9 years of playing football. He thanks his family for having faith in him all these years along with thanking his teammates for their spirit and friendship throughout the years. During his speech he included that he is excited to play football again with his teammates starting in February. The cancellation of sports has been so hard on many athletes like Kevin. It is very nice to hear him talking about the sport he loves in such a positive light.

One thing he mentioned in not only his speech but also his interview with us was how much talent there is in New England, specifically right here in Holyoke. “You’re a big help to not just me but all Holyoke kids. I’m just trying to help prove that any kid from Holyoke can make it big time.” That was his response when being asked if he had anything to say to his coaches. He’s proof that anyone can make their dreams a reality with hard work and dedication. Hard work truly does make a difference in your level of success.

On behalf of everyone in the sports community, congratulations. We wish you nothing but the best at Yale. Continue making such a good name for yourself and thank you for being an inspiration to many young athletes here in the city.

Go Knights & Go Bulldogs!