Is Technology Really The Cause Of Mental Health Problems?


Grace Whitlock, Herald Staff

Everyone hears that being on technology such as a smartphone or laptop messes with your mental health. Being on your device is said to make people anxious or depressed, but what if that was not the case?

Some studies say that using technology too much can be linked to ADHD. We can all say that nowadays being on your phone is a very common thing; you bring it everywhere with you and most of the time it’s always by your side. If I were to put a label on smartphones I would definitely say they are addictive. As a person who struggles to pay attention in class or anywhere, for me technology is not what caused that. 

When you start to get into a depressive state or suffer from anxiety, being on your phone is actually very stress relieving; playing a game or talking to your friends can begin to make your day a bit better. Of course, we all also know with the internet comes all kinds of bad things that can belittle people which can be the cause of depression. A lot of mental illnesses are very common and from some of my research, some people tend to not even go on their phones when they are going through something.

Another thing that scientists have been researching about; if smartphones cause memory loss. 

For me personally being on my phone reminds me to do many things such as; drinking water or eating. Obviously, these things are very important to remember, and getting distracted can prevent you from doing so.

I guess you could play on either side of this; ping pong back and forth on if smartphones are bad for you or not. It would all depend on how you look at it. There are good and bad things that pertain to technology as we all know.