El Último Tour del Mundo, A Deep Dive Into Bad Bunny’s Final Piece


Alexa Moran, Social Media Manager

El Último Tour del Mundo, which translated is “the last tour of the word”, is Puerto Rican singer/rapper and songwriter Bad Bunny’s third solo album, which was released just last week. He had expressed to the press that it would be his last. The singer has always been known for his creativity and being out of the box, all while bringing in a new sound to reggaeton. This time around he really did something different by adding rock, new wave, punk rock, and electronic which is very distinct compared to his recent singles/albums. This is unlike his other successful album he released in the summer labeled YHLQMLG, which involves alternative reggaeton and a Latin trap which is very usual and predictable from the performer. This time around he made sure to make this his best memorable album yet; Rolling Stones described him as “Predictably Unpredictable.

While his admiration towards his album is great, the media has had much to say towards this new genre of music. This album took the world by storm, some stating “this was his worst album yet.” But after the fans gave his creative mind a chance, Bad Bunny made history by becoming the first Spanish album to reach No.1 on Billboard’s album chart around the world. Over 100,000 album units in the U.S. It does not end there. He made “number 1 in the 64 year history of the all-genre chart.” Does this surprise you? This took the people by surprise by getting such amazing reviews by the public. Even with the success of this album it is bittersweet for the fans knowing that this is the end. But is it?

People are beginning to speculate his career is not over just yet. He stated he will be performing these songs in an upcoming tour in 2030. Which gives us hope it is not over yet. Bad Bunny bringing this new genre of music to the public goes to show he is not afraid and sees no pressure in experimenting with new sounds. With his fame, wealth, and overall success he is going to continue to rise. In his song “Booker T” he describes “Porque estoy en mi peak”, which states he has reached his peak in his music career. This shows that taking risks are necessary no matter the outcome.

Bad Bunny stands as a role model in today’s society. Not only with his music but his fashion. He has received so much backlash on his style which has even left people questioning his sexuality. He defies the stigmas of masculinity which has made this singer so unique. He continues to express himself in a variety of colors and textures along with his music. That makes him unafraid of others’ opinions. He describes this issue in a song that states “Yo Visto Asi” which means “I dress how I want.” Overall Bad Bunny is truly causing a major shift in the music industry causing people to take chances in sound or even their true selves they may be hiding from the world. Overall the singer’s continuous success does not come as a surprise, he is Bad Bunny after all.