Ishani Morales: Knight turned Warrior


Annalyse McBride, Sports Editor

Today our sole female wrestler Ishani Morales signed her letter of intent to wrestle at East Stroudsburg University, home of the Warriors. Anywhere would be lucky to have her wrestle on their team but she said it was more than just athletics that pushed her to choose this university. In an interview with her she said, “I definitely chose East Stroudsburg University because they have an amazing academic program, I am going into psychology that’s definitely the best fit for me.” Many students choose where they will be furthering their education based on a list of things, so Morales finding a school with an amazing academic and athletic program was great.

Being a senior this year, this is the first time since she was 11 years old that she isn’t wrestling but this hasn’t taken wrestling out of her life. We talked to her about her love for the sport and she told us how it’s with her in every aspect of her life whether her friends or her family “I can’t live without it” Morales said. She began wrestling when she was in 6th grade and it has become her world ever since. During the interview she expresses the length of her journey through her change in weight class saying that when she started she was only about 106 pounds. “I just knew that’s where I could excel and become the best wrestler I could be” This would’ve been her 7th year of wrestling but her plan is to surpass all her athletic limits and become the best version of herself with the help of her coaches and teammates in Pennsylvania during the upcoming years.

Along with signing her letter today she was also presented with a shirt that holds a very important statement within it. Coach Silano presented Morales with the shirt which says “Holyoke Trained” across the front after asking her how she feels she is Holyoke trained. “What sets me apart is my mentality…I’d definitely say I have grit and I have the toughness to do whatever it may be” Morales responded. It’s clear that her coaches are a big aspect in her success and this is the message she had for them “To my coaches; thank you, thank you so much beyond words I really could not have been where I am and who I am now without them… they’ve definitely molded me into who I am today with my mentality and my physicality as well.” Hopefully there will be a chance for her to work with these coaches again for one last season before she goes off to become a Warrior.

As many of you may know Morales is the first ever All-State Women’s Champion and All-American. She has made her family, friends, and all of Holyoke proud through her achievements during her high school wrestling career. It should be noted that by breaking these records she follows in her father Danny Morales’ footsteps who broke records at Holyoke Highschool including the record for the 100 meter sprint and 4×100 meter relay. Congratulations Ishani on not only these titles but on the future you have signed in today. Holyoke will remain proud. Once a Knight always a Knight.