I Am Greta Makes Debut To Many Students Across the World

I Am Greta Makes Debut To Many Students Across the World

Alysha Izquierdo, Head Photographer

The people who are crazy to think that they can change the world are usually the ones who do. So to any sane person in an insane society must appear insane. In Greta’s case, as a young child she was seen as one of the insane because her ideas bring about the simple observations of the world’s most obvious implications. After being excluded most of her childhood for her unique mindset, she finds herself beginning to catch the world’s attention.This 15 year old child phenomenon has recently invested her time into producing her own documentary I Am Greta, a very profound look into the life of the Swedish girl environmental activist Greta Thunberg.

I Am Greta was directed by Nathan Grossman, who began documenting her every step when Thunberg began protesting in August 2018, not expecting for it to blow up during that time. The film is not solely based on the climate change predicament but the journey she endures as a young child with Aspergure’s syndrome and how she plans to protest outside the Swedish parliament. For those unfamiliar with the documentary, Thunberg begins a strike on her own outside the Swedish parliament to address the dangers of climate change. She argues that kids must take on the task of spreading awareness since adults won’t. “Change is coming whether or not you like it,” Thunberg says during one of her speeches, revealing her thoughts on this particular fight, those who refuse to help shall not get in the way of the possibility in progress. 

Interestingly, even puzzling, Grossman’s film begins by showing Thunberg’s pre-famous self as a highschooler with a homemade poster to strike on climate change. She is seen to be enduring a lonely stand outside the Stockholm parliament every Friday with a few older grumpy shoppers unhappy with the sight of her not being in school.  Of course along her remarkable journey she had come across much condescending and abuse from various people part of the media and politics. Her sudden rise in world fame has made her both a leader and a target for critics. Despite all the backlash she has received from older patrons, her dad fully supported her. Even though he was worried most of the time for her health and protection he knew that this was something she truly wanted to pursue. “She stopped talking, she stopped eating, and all these things,” Svante Thunberg said of Greta’s period of illness, speaking on a program guest-edited by the 16-year-old activist.“She stopped going to school. She was basically home for a year, she didn’t eat for three months,” the overprotective father said of what he described as “the ultimate nightmare as a parent.” He didn’t always support her but it wasn’t until he realized that her activism helped her cope with depression, autism, and other mental issues that he began to follow through with her ideas.

She has received many awards including honorary Fellowship of the Royal Scottish Geographical Society, inclusion in Time‘s 100 most influential people, being the youngest Time Person of the Year, inclusion in the Forbes list of The World’s 100 Most Powerful Women in 2019, and two consecutive nominations for the Nobel Peace Prize in 2019 and 2020. 

As time went on, younger audiences around the world started following Thunbergs footstep, taking part in her environmental movement after Grossman had captured the first few moments of her protests. The campaign had evolved and Grossman decided to continue keeping track of Thunbergs every movement up to the time she gave her most powerful speech yet. During her speech she went head on with the United Nations in which she tore down world leaders. “We are in the beginning of a mass extinction, and all you can talk about is money and fairy tales of eternal economic growth. How dare you.” In this film you will experience Greta’s two years of fame and protesting through her own eyes. Her actions opened up the eyes of students all around the world and soon enough they all began to protest their own strikes. These strikes are held in countries such as the United States,Belgium,Canada,Denmark,France ,Finland,and the Netherlands. She is an inspiration to many people and thanks to her, no matter how young you are, you can still make a change within the world. The environmental activists’ supporters are very proud of her work during the documentary I Am Greta. They don’t even know if they’ve ever been this excited about anything else before.