Will Tiger Woods Car Accident Cost Him His Career?

Will Tiger Woods Car Accident Cost Him His Career?

Alysha Izquierdo, Herald Staff

Just a few weeks ago one of the world’s most famous golfers, Tiger Woods, had crashed his car in Southern California. Sheriff’s deputies mention Woods stating that he has no recollection of driving or how the accident occurred. Woods, the 15-time major champion, was driving a Genesis SUV courtesy vehicle by himself and is believed to have been traveling at a high rate of speed before the crash, authorities said.

Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Deputy Carlos Gonzalez, who responded to the crash, found an unconscious  Woods still strapped into his seat belt but trapped as the SUV had rolled over onto the driver’s side door. Gonzalez described Woods as calm but potentially in shock. He determined there was no evidence Woods was impaired by drugs or alcohol, according to the first responder,  so drug recognition experts did not respond to the scene or hospital. “I do think the fact that he was wearing a seatbelt and that the vehicle safety features worked as designed by the manufacturer likely resulted in either reducing his injury or saving his life,” Gonzalez told Cuomo. Investigators have not yet pulled any data from the vehicle’s black box event recorder, but anticipate doing so quickly to determine the cause of the crash.

According to investigators, Woods was driving February 23 in Rancho Palos Verdes, near Los Angeles, shortly after 7 a.m. when his Genesis SUV hit a “Welcome to Rolling Hills Estates” sign, crossed a center divider, and traveled approximately more than 150 feet across the side of the road through shrubbery and uprooted a tree before coming to a stop on the driver’s side, according to the affidavit. 

“Woods sustained injuries and cuts to his face and multiple fractures and compound fractures to his right leg”, the affidavit said. Late Tuesday night, a statement was released via Woods’ Twitter account: “We thank everyone for the overwhelming support and messages during this tough time. As previously communicated, Tiger was involved in a single-car accident earlier this morning in California. He has undergone a long surgical procedure on his lower right leg and ankle after being brought to the hospital. “He is currently awake, responsive, and recovering in his hospital room. Thank you to the wonderful doctors and hospital staff at Harbor UCLA Medical Center, the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, and the Fire Department. Your support and assistance have been outstanding.” Woods’ team said in the statement that the golfer was “awake, responsive and recovering in his hospital room” at Harbor-UCLA Medical Center following the surgery. “Driver was treated for his injuries at the hospital and was asked there again how the collision occurred. He repeated that he did not know and did not remember driving” 

Woods being 45 for his age will play a factor in recovery. Known as a world-class athlete with access to elite medical care, along with his legendary work ethic, should help. Woods nonetheless appears to have a long road to recovery, according to doctors. “The fractures themselves, I’m sure will take months and months to heal – at least a year in the sense that he’d ever been able to rejoin the (PGA) Tour in a meaningful way,” Dr. Robert Glatter, an emergency physician at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City, told USA TODAY Sports.