The Next Step for Amaya Olivero: Women’s Soccer at Elms College


Annalyse McBride, Social Media Manager

On Tuesday, March 16th Amaya Olivero officially signed her letter of intent to play Division III soccer at Elms College in Chicopee Massachusetts.  Out of the many options Olivero had she says she chose Elms College as the next stepping stone of her career because “The college isn’t big, it’s a close-knit school and the soccer team and the coaches are really supportive there”. Soccer has been something that she’s actively participated in since she was only 3 years old so you can imagine how much the sport means to her. During the interview held with Olivero at the signing, she said that for some time she was actually not planning on playing soccer in college but after thinking about it she knew that not having soccer be a part of her life wasn’t something she was ready for to do.

After playing for so long she says that this past season, her senior season was the most memorable yet.  Dealing with the struggles of Covid-19 affecting the rules of the game she has known her whole life she says it made her stronger mentally and physically. Olivero said “It opened my eyes a lot about how you can’t take anything for granted also this year the team was the closest it’s ever been” Olivero and the entire Holyoke girls soccer team is proof that you can always find good in a bad situation and for Olivero that good was a tight-knit team and an opportunity to grow.

Diving into the education aspect at Elms College Olivero is currently signing as undecided on what her major will be but that doesn’t mean her options have not been weighing heavy on her mind. Education is a priority for every student-athlete without their education they wouldn’t have the opportunity to grow athletically in the space they choose. Currently, the options Olivero is looking into are Biology or Business but nothing is set in stone.

Go Knights & Go Blazers!