Excitement Arises as HHS Sports Reopen

Excitement Arises as HHS Sports Reopen

Alexa Moran, Herald Staff

We are beginning to die down from this pandemic crisis and cases are becoming less popular. Entering the yellow zone has allowed our city to reopen our sports teams in schools and it has brought on a wave of excitement within the students, giving them something to look forward to instead of continuing to do virtual school. Holyoke High North has started sports like girls and boys basketball, which have been following the restrictions and protocol to maintain safety. Games have already been led by a victory by these teams and it has brought many happy moments of achievement. I have spoken to students to hear what they have to say about the reopening of sports.

The first student I spoke with is Bryanna Colon, who said, “I am so happy that we have been able to reopen because I am a part of the yearbook so I get to attend these events like games which I enjoy a lot.”

The second student I spoke to was Alysha Izquierdo, who stated, “I feel like it’s about time they start to reopen cause this is what most people participate in and without many of us do not have any to do. For me personally, it’s a great outlet, and I just like the distraction away from school and home.”

We are now trying to wean into our normal lives again by starting up events that we once did. It has filled not only the students with happiness but myself because it shows that things are getting better. It gives us a sense of relief that we can go to school normally and safely. We are hoping this can continue to be effective and not negative. If things continue like this it can pave the way for seniors being able to walk across the stage since their most important year has been taken from them. We just need to remain smart and educated so we can continue to succeed and not experience any setbacks because we only want to push forward from this nightmare.