Students returning back to school


Alexa Moran, Herald Staff

  As this pandemic is coming to a slow decrease we are beginning to get back into our normal life routine everyday. Like going to school which has been completely changed due to this horrid speadful disease. It has really affected the way millions have been able to learn including myself which has been very difficult and hard to adjust to. We are slowly starting to wean into taking a break from being confined to our home and actually interacting with individuals. With the vaccine being distributed worldwide it has provided some type of relief that we are finally getting closer to closing the chapter on this nightmare.  Obviously there are still certain things that need to be enforced to remain safe like social distance and mask wear to really keep continuing good progress. Certain districts have opened their schools slowly with a limited number of students entering the building. As schools are maintaining the rules of the state, they have been pretty successful in keeping up with the protection of our teachers and students. Students have responded pretty well with going back to school and being able to reconcile with friends that they have not seen in over a year. Sadly there are many individuals who are not returning to school either for choice or just not being able to. With this impactful and critical year it has affected families majorly in ways of living at home. Whether losing their jobs and not being able to support their children financially. The New York Times directs their focus on more so the silent struggle these families are undergoing  stating “While most district leaders and policymakers believe that the classroom is the best place for children and teenagers to learn, many are hesitant to apply pressure to families who have lived through a traumatic year”.  (Source: Which I feel needs to be vocalized more because there are probably many more who are undergoing difficulties within their home life. Leaving them with no choice but not going to school. We need to provide resources and help for these people because I feel everyone during this epidemic went through a struggle. We need to show support and be a community for those who are facing these challenges. I’m positive that many are ready to get back on their feet into school so we need to be aware of what’s going on by reaching out and giving them that comforbilty to not be afraid to ask for help. Even in the midst of good coming we need to remember that not everyone is on the same page, some are a few steps back and we need to be the push to bring them up a few steps.  It’s very important to remain informed and alert on what the news and media show us because they may be covering up the truth on what really is happening.  Showcasing what really is occurring worldwide because this is a very tough transition that we are undergoing. I know for me my family needed time to really get used to their new lives and it was a hard battle to just in reality be happy and content with the new. So we as a nation need to continue to shed light and not forget those in need.