Massachusetts to End Mask Mandate and State of Emergency


Annalyse McBride, Herald Staff

A little over one year ago wearing a mask to leave your house became the new normal in not only the Commonwealth of Massachusetts but across the country. Places of business were required to make masks mandatory for everyone entering the establishment and when the coronavirus hit its peak many states even changed their mask mandate to include a mask requirement outdoors. Since then many states have changed their rules and relaxed the mask mandate letting people walk freely with no face covering whether they have received one of the three Coronavirus vaccines or not.

 Governor Baker was not taking the coronavirus lightly and made his plans for our state with extreme caution. On May 13th the CDC put out a new statement saying that people who are fully vaccinated are no longer required to wear a mask. This statement has gotten mixed reactions across the country. Some people are loving the fact that they can go outside without a mask, some people think it is still dangerous, and some people are still refusing to get the vaccine in general. Others are wondering how they will know who is vaccinated or not in public places. After hearing these news rules Governor Baker decided to change some things for Massachusetts regarding masks and social distancing. 

On May 29th the mask mandate in Massachusetts will rescind and all remaining COVID-19 restrictions will no longer be in effect. Masks will still be mandatory for people on private and public transportation systems such as buses, trains, taxis, and ubers. They will also still be required in healthcare facilities. We are able to make these changes because of the progress we have made as a community to combat the spread of the Coronavirus. Currently Massachusetts leads the nation in vaccinating residents. 

As the mask restrictions are going away the amount of social distancing guidelines are getting smaller as well. There will be no limit on gatherings and all establishments will be allowed to re-open at 100% capacity. Cleaning and sanitizing will still be required in most places. People who are not fully vaccinated will still be advised to wear a mask and social distance. 

This is an amazing stepping stone for the community in hopes of a normal future.