Closing This Final Chapter


Alexa Moran, Social Media Editor

After a year of dealing with so much chaos all around this world with this never ending pandemic. Schools are now beginning to say their last farewells to the graduating class and welcoming the new classes in. It almost feels surreal completing whether our first year highschool or our last just from your room. Many are filled with mixed emotions because this crazed school year is being put to an end, it felt like we would never see it. From feelings of doubt and loss of motivation we were able to persevere through these difficult times. From google classroom alerts and constant reminders on turning in your assignments, it is finally being put to an end.

That is one major factor of relief and I know many can agree on that. All of those assignments that made us break at night and made us feel like we could not physically and mentally complete it and it’s done. Although many may feel like they did not accomplish anything at all but everyone did. Getting through this year was very difficult not only for us students but teachers in a huge way as well. We all underwent a major change and we all had to adjust to it and it left us all in the same mindset of feeling very stuck and worried of what was to come. We overcame all of these struggles and challenges together. When this pandemic started leaving us to be home and full on remote learning it was really hard and left me very frustrated at times because of the overwhelming responsibilities I had. However it taught me the importance of it and learning new skills within myself and just being able to better apply them to my studies. Showing me whatever came onto my path, I was able to overcome it and not run from it out of fear.

We get so caught up in either sports or clubs at school to really reflect on what you have to offer as a student. Although this year was very rocky in its many ways, it made me understand myself better. Pushing yourself to do things that just help improve  yourself as an individual because that’s what’s most important. For example , joining the Herald was something I did because I love to write and it is something that I want to improve on.  Not only did it help me improve my writing but learn more about the content of my writing and how it would connect towards the real world. It was very beneficial towards me and it was something I really enjoyed. I encourage you to move out of your comfort zone and just try something new because you never know what can come out of it. It can become a hobby that you really enjoy and who knows might even want to pursue. What I am saying is that even with these circumstances this year, remaining very driven towards new things is very important. Not letting the situations bring you down and not make you want to get involved.  Many did not let this pandemic get in the way by joining plays, sports, and being involved in music. Which is so significant to your growth as a person. Letting yourself do what you love and not letting anyone or anything affect you from not achieving your goals.

This year has been a very special one and we will never forget it, we definitely won’t. It’s almost good  not to because you remember how far you have come and how you were able to surpass expectations. Now it is time to take much needed time to unwind and give ourselves time to re-energize,Within our minds,bodies, and souls. Everyone should be very proud of themselves and really happy with finishing this year. Getting through the hardest days and now looking onto the most brightest..