Theme Song of Life


Sage Sherburne, Herald Staff

“Your little hands wrapped around my finger, and it’s so quiet in the world tonight…” love that song, Taylor Swift is one of my favorite artists. Never grow up is the theme song to every parent, right? “Ben the two of us need look no more, we both found what we were looking for…” love that song too, Ben is the theme song to every friendship. The Jackson 5, the greatest band to ever take the stage. RIP Michael Jackson. He’s missed, but not forgotten. “When I find myself in times of trouble, mother Mary comes to me, speaking words of wisdom, let it be…” Another greatest hit, Let it be, by the Beatles, British invasion in the mid-1960s. Their amazing, this is the theme song to everyone who needs a little pick me up. Who needs to feel comfortable with who they are. Whether in the LGBTQ community; Black community; other minority communities. “You can buy your hair if it won’t grow, you can fix your nose if he says so, you can buy all the makeup that mac can sell but if…” Unpretty Is the theme song for those who don’t feel pretty, or beautiful. Who is intimidated by the norm that all girls are pretty? All girls are skinny. All girls need to be emotional. That they need to be protected from harm, that they are not strong enough to protect themselves. But that’s not true is it, we can if we want to be. It’s 2020, females are police officers and firemen, we’re heroes. And TLC is the best. No. The greatest girl band from the 90s, they’re amazing. Rip Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes. May her legacy live on in T-Boz and Chilli. In her family and friends. 


Music is everywhere, music is in our heart and soul. In our dreams, in our work. Music is the reason most people live. Music is the life I can hear, the life I cannot see. I don’t know where I’m going, but I do know it’s towards the music. I’m not religious, but I do believe in gods. In a god. In stars. I believe God or gods have a plan for us, and it doesn’t matter if your Gay or straight, white or black. God/gods love you for you. “I just wanna dance with you, let the whole world melt away, and dance with you, who cares what other people say…” It’s time to dance is from a musical called prom ( I love broadway, it is my reason to pursue music). It’s a musical that helps people feel comfortable in their skin. It is the theme song for people in the LGBTQ community because it mostly focuses on them. “Left a good job in the city, working for the man every night and day, And I never lost one minute of sleep, worrying about the thing might have been…” Tinna Turner is also an amazing artist, and I love her too. She is 80 years old and kicking. She is a legend and wrote the theme song Proud Mary, which I do not know. But I do know it makes me believe good things can come out of bad things.


We all have a theme song, whether it’s that song we hear in heads we made up when we were little. Or it’s a song that’s way before our time. Or a song that just makes us feel good. We all have a song. If I was a professional wrestler, my entrance song would be a mash-up with the songs I just named. It might be an awful entrance, but it might not. I mean, all those songs are theme songs whether they’ve been in a TV show or movie. They have a deeper meaning to not just the artist or band but to us too. We are like a TV show, we have a theme song that plays every day. Think about what your theme song is, and hold on to it because when we grow up and get old, life is going to be more of a challenge and I think it’s important to have that special song.There are moments that the words don’t reach, There is suffering too terrible to name, You hold your child as tight as you can, And push away the unimaginable, The moments when you’re in so deep, It feels easier to just swim down..” Hamilton is a powerful Broadway show that goes against history and changes the game. We can do that, change that game. I want to change the game, I want to take control of the narrative and read my story. This will be the theme song for it, so together we can do anything. We can sing our theme song, and we can change the game.

Things won’t just happen overnight, they will take time. We’ve come so far with no progress, but people have been singing the wrong song for years. They have been asking all the wrong questions. Despite this, we don’t need a savior. We can save ourselves, and help others in need. And I can’t guarantee but maybe in 2022, things will change forever. Our theme song, and the narrative, the story, the game will be changed forever.