A Look into the City of Holyoke’s Lawsuit Against Turf Installation at Roberts


Annalyse McBride, Editor

The city of Holyoke filed a lawsuit against multiple companies. The city claimed that three companies took part in the process of installing the $1.4 million dollar turf at the Roberts Sports Complex at Holyoke High School.

 The turf was installed in 2017, but the city alleges that beginning in 2018 the turf started pulling away from the edges, shrinking and coming apart. The three defendants are as follows : Sprinturf LLC, BSC group and Mountain View landscape and lawncare.  The majority of the lawsuit focuses on Mountain View and their negligence to the contract signed in 2016. The contract was made for the installation of the $1,447,250 turf. Due to pending litigations, there are not many comments about the lawsuits from the companies. However, Mountain View president Stephen Corrigan stated that “Mountain View denies allegations in the complaint.” City officials would not comment on the situation. Sprinturf LLC and BSC group made no comments.

The specifics of the lawsuit include the following allegations:

  • Mountain View allegedly used a nail gun to attach the nailer to the curb instead of the proper materials discussed in the contract. 
  • Mountain View also allegedly attached the nailer to the wrong section of the curb.
  • The city of Holyoke alleges that BSC approved those methods even though they breached the contract.

The city has filed for a jury.

As an athlete that has seen the turf countless amounts of times since 2018 when I started attending Holyoke High School, I can say that the wear and tear of the turf is definitely not normal. I’ve been going to Holyoke High since the fall of 2018, which is when turf was starting to show signs of wear and tear. 

No further comments have been made from either party because of pending litigation.