Breonna Taylor and Her Impact on the BLM Movement


Alexa Moran, Social Media Editor

The death of 26 year old Breonna Taylor, who was fatally shot multiple times in her home, has brought on a range of emotions worldwide. On March 13, 2020, three police officers broke into the apartment of Taylor, shooting over 32 bullets, six of which killed her instantly. While being investigated, police stated they repeatedly knocked on the door but received no response. The reasoning for the apartment search was allegedly a drug investigation. Taylor’s boyfriend, who was in the apartment at the time, thought they were intruders, which led to chaos. It was soon revealed that the police had gotten the wrong person. This story hit the news by storm. At the time of this incident, the Black Lives Matter movement and protests were starting to take place after multiple situations of injustice towards African Americans in the United States. These protests have taken place all over America, and the streets of Louisville, Kentucky were filled with people demanding justice for Taylor. They do not plan on stopping anytime soon, moving from the city to state officials. 

The officers involved with Breonna Taylor’s murder have not been charged directly, which is the premise for the mass protests that have taken place. This continues to give the public a motive to continue to fight for police brutality and racism in the United States. These events are becoming more of a regular occurrence, which is a large issue that needs to come to an end. People worldwide need to continue to use their voices and protest for what is right because we need solutions to these devastating occurrences. Families are heartbroken from losing their innocent loved ones to those who have no mercy and use their power inhumanely. Twanna Gordon, Breonna’s cousin, was filled with devastation and tears at the fact these officers were not held accountable for their horrible action, as were many others. Her story can not be forgotten, and we need to continue to use our voices to amplify those who are not heard. We are living in very toxic and negative times and vocalizing our rights are crucial to help bring change. Breonna Taylor and many others have been a part of this horrific cycle and it is our job to keep their stories in the light and to never forget. We can do this by signing petitions, educating ourselves on police brutality and racism, and taking action in our own communities. This story really opened my eyes, as well as the eyes of many others, to our country’s reality. Step by step, we can really make a difference in this corrupt society. By bringing awareness to this ongoing issue, we have the power to change it for the better.