Sage Sherburne, Herald Staff

What is Magic? Hmm, I mean it can be several things. It can be Disney magic, Nick magic, Christmas magic, Love magic, and so forth. But what is magic to you? I’ll tell you what magic is to me. Magic is believing in yourself, never giving up even when the times get tough. We are living history right now and people need magic more than ever. They won’t admit it, but they believe and need it. So, I´m going to tell you a story about a person named Constance and she is about to be a queen. Her true love, Ocean, is king and he knows she’ll make a great queen. However, she doesn’t think so and no one else wants her to be their queen. So think about what magic means to you.

Once upon a time, Princess Constance was last in line to take her place upon the throne and wear a beautiful amethyst crystalized crown. The crown was passed down through generations. She was the youngest. Because of this, she has to wait to be queen. Until then, she is a princess to her love, king Ocean. Her eldest brother Zeke was caught stealing and sentenced to prison for many years of his natural life. Constance, unfortunately, got out in 3 years. However, the kingdom banished him because he fell in love and because of the person he fell in love with. His decisions were not up to the norm of the officials in the kingdom. He was not stealing for himself, more for people who couldn’t really afford an apple. He is like Robin Hood or Aladdin, stealing from the rich to give to the poor. The second eldest, Luke, was next in line. However, when he was getting ready to take the throne, he was poisoned with a deadly rare flower that only grows in the winter and died. It wasn’t fast-acting and took effect the day of the coronation. So, instead of a coronation, the kingdom had a funeral. The third eldest, Freddie, was set to be king. He was king for about five seconds before he was trapped underground with no air, no food and no water. No one knew that he was buried alive. The kingdom had another funeral on his birthday since that is when they found out he was missing. They searched and searched and searched and searched and when they finally found his body, he was nothing but piles of bone. Once again, the country was left with no king. Next in line was the fourth eldest, Octavious. However, like his three brothers, he, unfortunately, had an accident on his way to a tavern in which he was driven off the road. Despite the tragic accident, he survived and he realized that his family was cursed. The queen and king said he was ridiculous and no one believed him. The only person that did was Constance. She tried and tried and tried and tried and tried to get everyone to believe him. But no one did. However, she never stopped trying. Unfortunately for Octavious, this drove him insane and made him willing to prove that his family was cursed and that no one wants a queen or a king or both. Instead, they want power. They want to throw out the laws, monarchy and everything the queen and king worked so hard for. His parents threw him in an asylum and ruled him psychologically insane which made him clinically depressed. Two years later there was another funeral because he committed suicide. This left Constance with no brothers to lean on for guidance since one was banished and three were dead. Her parents wanted her to be like them and rule the kingdom. But like her four brothers, they wanted her dead. Out of the picture. Something big was going to happen on coronation day. She was scared for her life, as she should be. She tried locking herself in her room, then realized her room didn’t have a lock anymore (they were removed). She tried to lock herself in her closet, and she also realized that she had no lock on the closet doors (they were also removed). She tried to lock herself in the dungeon, and the dungeon can lock, but unfortunately, she was found. She went up to receive the crown and boom, a gunshot was fired. However, Constance was okay since she shot the gun. She wanted to prove something for all four brothers. Especially for brother four. She said “what is magic” like I asked at the beginning of the article. “What is magic to you?” This led to the crown glowing. It only glows when sitting upon the true ruler of Hollow Kingdom. The true ruler of Hollow Kingdom was Constance, in magic’s own twisted way; the banishment of her oldest brother and the death of her other three older brothers. Despite being related by blood, they were not the true rulers. She was the true ruler. and now she knows Ocean, just like her brothers. Magic only helped her realize. And they lived happily ever after, for now.

Life is like that because there are various twists which make you think. Life may not be as glamorous, adventurous or magical as the story. However, only we can make life magical. 

The End