The Plan for the 2021 Fall School Semester

The Plan for the 2021 Fall School Semester

Alexa Moran, Social Media Editor

As this stressful and very complex school year is coming to an end, life is getting back to normal.  We are putting this chapter to a close. Students worldwide have either graduated or entered high school for the first time through a screen. From endless assignments and late nights we did it and I say we because the whole world has gone through it all together. This difficult year is something we have all had to adjust to is finally over. Sources have stated that mask requirements are being lifted and vaccines continuing to be distributed.

Plans for the return of going back to school for high school students have been recently shared. News sources have released what is planned for the upcoming school year. Now that covid-19 has begun to dial down with a decrease in cases it has finally made us be more confident in the next school year.

The school re-openings will occur in the fall semester.  The social distancing and mask rule will not be required for older students like high school and middle school. These newly released guidelines have definitely made people very excited and anticipate a normal school year. Many have expressed that they feel a sense of relief and accomplishment from getting through this school-year. After being fully remote for a year it has caused a very mental and physical strain on individuals. Taking us away from sports, clubs, and any other activities.

Not being able to be involved in extracurricular activities and see friends but just be secluded in our homes all day. I am really looking forward along with many to basically get our lives back together. I interviewed a few students, some stating “I am so looking forward to spending my senior year with my friends.” and “ It almost feels like it is not real, it has not sunk in yet. I am filled with so many emotions but all good ones”. This year has been filled with so many obstacles that we felt like we could never overcome. Look at us now, it goes to show you can get through the worst and still make it out strongly. I am hoping we can continue to progress as a nation and just get better, not looking back on what we have gone through. Using what we have learned and just using it makes us stronger as a community.