What Students Are Saying About Three Day Weekends


Nevaeh Lopez, Social Media Editor

Recently, we had a three day weekend. I’ve always loved three day weekends (Like most people), but I didn’t realize just how much I enjoy them, until recently. It was kind of nice to not have feel like the weekend was rushed, and I didn’t have much time to enjoy the weekend or get everything done that I wanted to. It was nice to have three evenings that I could just relax instead of having to worry about getting ready for school. I wondered if anyone of my peers felt this way, so like I have before, I decided to conduct an Instagram poll, to see what everyone’s thoughts on three day weekends are. 


The survey stayed up for eleven hours, was seen by 65 people during that time. The votes came out to be 19% voted to keep two day weekends, while 81% voted to change to 3 days. I had a follow up question that gave the voters an opportunity to state their opinion and reasoning for why they voted what they did. The majority of answers back were from people who voted for three day weekends, and they all basically said similar things to what I believe. “You get more time to rest from school/work and focus on yourself and your mental health.” One person wrote, and another person followed up saying; “Kids who work would get a day to sleep in and take at least one day for their mental health.” Which is so important, considering our teachers and faculty at school are constantly advocating for students to get enough sleep and take care of their mental health. It’s always surprising to see the teachers advocating like this, yet piling work on top of work for us, when most of us are busy with jobs, sports and taking care of little siblings. According to these two people, having an extra day of the weekend will help to spread out students time, and overall give them more free time. The rest of the opinions did include similar answers to these, talking about how it would be so beneficial to time management and students mental health. Although I’m sure not a lot of the poll takers just wanted an extra day of the weekend.

The small end of the scale, the people that disagreed with having a three day weekend brought up some good points. These consisted of not wanting to change the school schedule again, not wanting to have to make up days during the summer, and not wanting to have a bigger workload because of one less clas a week. These are really good points, and I see their side of it, but obviously if our school system takes on the challenge of introducing three day weekends, things would be compromised and changed. We probably would have systems in place to make sure the 180 days of school we usually are required to attend, wouldn’t matter in the long run.
I personally think it’s a great idea, and the benefits we would gain from changing to three day weekends would be worth it.