Kamala Harris, the First Woman Vice President


Jay Whitlock, Herald Staff

Kamala Harris is making history by being the first African American woman as our vice president. She was previously running for president in the 2020 campaign, but she had to suspend her course of action because she didn’t have the financial resources to continue. Kamala Harris then endorsed Joe Biden to be president with great enthusiasm.

Her parents were Doland Harris and Shyamala Harris; her mom being an Indian-American immigrant, activist, and breast cancer researcher. Kamala always had an interest in justice, she grew up standing up for others who couldn’t do it themselves. She graduated from Howard University with a degree in economics and political science in 1986 and earned her law degree in 1989 from Hastings college. 

After getting her degrees, Kamala worked as a prosecutor at the office of the Alameda County district attorney. She then was hired as managing attorney for the San Francisco District attorney’s career criminal unit. As U.S senator of California she protected the landmark climate change law, kept the Affordable Care Act safe, and helped secure marriage equality for all people. 


She was picked by Joe Biden to be vice president because she has experience in government and she “represents a younger generation of a leader”. He also repeatedly expresses that Kamala Harris will be a great vice president. On January 20th they will both be sworn into office, to start leading the country for the next 4 years.