Oprah’s Interview With Megan Markle and Harry “Raises Awareness Within The Royal Family”


Alysha Izquierdo, Head Photographer

Megan Markel and Prince Harry have been warned they will not benefit from pouring about their private lives to Oprah Winfrey in their spoken out interview and will “almost certainly regret” airing their problems to the world. Attendants and other royal hangers-on are said to have lived in fear of an Oprah interview ever since Winfrey was seated as an important guest at Meghan and Harry’s 2018 wedding, and now many believe their worst nightmares are coming true.


For the past few decades, multiple members of the Royal Family have ended up regretting their interviews with the media. Princess Diana gave an explosive interview to the BBC’s Panorama programme in 1995 in which she spoke about Prince Charles’ outside sexual relation affair and also admitted adultery on her own part. She later told friends she “deeply regretted” the interview. The Prince of Wales is understood to have experienced similar regrets over his interview with Jonathan Dimbleby in 1994.


During Meghan and Prince Harry’s interview, which aired earlier last month, the Duchess of Sussex said there were “concerns and conversations” about her children’s skin color, that she was denied help when she felt suicidal and that a disagreement with Kate Middleton left her in tears ahead of her wedding, among other revelations. Meghan revealed that she “didn’t want to be alive anymore” during her pregnancy with Archie. She went to “one of the most senior people” but was told it wouldn’t “look good” if she sought help. It’s unclear who Meghan went to for assistance and why it was denied. Harry has been open in the past about seeking therapy for his own mental health struggles but told Oprah that he felt helpless in dealing with Meghan’s.”I had no idea what to do,” he said. “I wasn’t prepared for that. I went to a very dark place as well.”


Days before Harry and Meghan’s Oprah interview, The Times in the U.K. reported that the Duchess of Sussex faced a bullying complaint made by one of her close advisers during her time as a working royal at Kensington Palace Allegations her office has strongly refuted.”  The bullying thing was raised in 2018 and now there’s an ongoing investigation about bullying from Meghan Markle, when anyone who has worked with her will tell you exactly who she is,” Harry stated, who attended Meghan’s New York City baby shower in 2019, said on Tuesday. “You know, she’s really a very sweet, caring person.”


After the interview video was released many people began to question whether or not Oprah had reached out to the Palace for comments. In response a spokesperson for Harpo, Oprah’s production company stated “The interview was intended to be a conversation with the couple. The Palace was not contacted to participate in or respond to the interview.” Throughout the two-hour long special, the Duchess of Sussex displayed real emotions between the movement of her eyes, mouth and forehead. As things worsened within the family, Markle revealed, she discovered that her son would not receive the protection that she would have liked. During this segment of their conversation, Markle’s voice told the story of how painful that exchange was for her. Even her movements showed “the grief around how she was told her son was not going to be protected.”


The duchess, who is expecting her second child, will also touch on how “she is handling life under intense public pressure”.  Later on, the two ladies will be joined by Harry as the conversation turns to the future.  The couple will discuss their big move across the pond and give fans a glimpse into what they should expect to see from them in the coming months.