A School/Well-Being Guide


Alexa Moran, Social Media Editor

This past year has felt like an endless nightmare with changes happening left and right. It has taken everyone with no warning. This has opened a door for stress,anxiety, to feel stuck and begin bad habits. Teenagers globally are dealing with the battles of virtual learning and let me just say it’s been tough. I know. Having to balance your grades, maintain a good gpa, let alone all through a screen. From  5-6 hours a day. It is hard and it is okay to feel like you’re struggling or frustrated. I’m here to basically give you 5  tips to make your life a little easier so this won’t act as a huge barrier with your learning and most importantly well being. Which comes first always if your mental state is not okay then you need to stop and reboot because you will not be productive and most importantly successful.

These tips can act as being very helpful and I hope they can make a difference for you. The First tip is making a schedule that has numerous benefits.  It helps you stay organized, not feel as overwhelmed about an upcoming test, and most importantly prepared. The worst feeling is finding out there is a test that you did not study for and your mind is completely blank. This can work as a very useful tool to not feel worried and less anxious on an assignment. Writing it down in an agenda or what I do is write in my notes in my phone. The Second tip is asking for help and not feeling ashamed for it because others may have the same questions. It is so key to never forget that you are not the only one struggling with new material and overall every single person in your class may be having trouble too. Having friends or teachers is needed to help and keeping the mentality that it’s okay to not be okay. The Third tip is making your own morning routine. It can not only help you get ready for the day but give you something to look forward to. Being home everyday has felt like a continuous loop and sometimes we need something new. Like making a nice smoothie,doing yoga/meditation, or going out for a run can be only a few things to do. There is an endless amount of options to choose from based on your interest. Personally, this mechanism helps me feel more awake and alert.

The Fourth tip is journaling which can be used to not only express your emotions but to write goals or aspirations for yourself. This can really provide you with more motivation to keep pushing forward to achieve your objective. I have also used this for years and it has never failed to keep me directed and focused.

The Fifth and final tip is a mental health check and this should be very necessary and so important to do. We tend to always push away how we feel instead of confronting it and overcoming it. If you feel overworked take a break or feel sad for no reason and can’t seem to work close to your computer. If you just do not feel okay take the time to realign yourself and never feel like you shouldn’t. You come first at the end of the day and keeping a good mental state is needed in order to grow and prosper. I hope these tips can help you in the ways you need to be able to succeed. Remember to keep a good mindset about your current situation, bad or good you have the power to change your ways no one else.