Welcome To The Herald


Alexa Moran, Social Media Manager/Youtube Editor

Hello my name is Alexa Moran and I’m a current senior here at Holyoke High school. I thought I would create this introduction to try my best in letting you know what we are all about. By the end of this article maybe you will even consider joining next year. So, the Herald is our school newspaper where we post articles on a whole wide range of topics. Whether it is sports, news, music, or our personal opinions within certain ideas. It provides you with freedom of expression and a chance to not be silenced on what we want to share with not only our students but other people around the world. It shows we are a media source that speaks the truth and nothing is being processed.  We strive to be honest which creates a good and relatable website for people to read. We also have a lot of opportunities for many individuals. 

I am the current Social Media Manager for our Twitter account. Where we post updates in the schools and share articles there. We also have an Instagram account where we focus on promoting the Herald to have people visit the site and want to read. You even may have a chance to become an editor, head photographer, or a digital editor. Taking on these leadership roles gives really good skills of responsibility. It is pretty beneficial towards your intellect to just better you as an individual.  It made me look beyond and then begin to let my creative side begin to show. To not be afraid of what I wanted to say and share with many different individuals. Our environment is very open towards what we want and not directed on what we should write. If you like to write and would like to improve and develop your writing, you should really consider.  It pushes you out of your comfort zone and I recommend it to many students who would want to expand their skill in writing.  The herald is a space that is always open to more students. All students truly take pride in their work and really make sure their work is at it’s best potential.  Really consider this class because it helps you grow as a person and become a better writer….