The Disappearance of Princess Phoenix

The Disappearance of Princess Phoenix

Sage Sherburne, Herald Staff

     Once upon a time, in a far away land called far, far, far, very far, extremely far land. Or Hollywood adjacent they like to call it. Lived a family who were royalty: Queen Artemis, King Eagle, Prince Apollo, Prince Central and Princess Phoenix. They all were very powerful and controlled the important elements and seasons. Artemis could manipulate water and winter. Eagle could manipulate fire and summer. Apollo could manipulate air and Spring. And Central could manipulate earth and fall. But as the youngest, Phoenix was the most powerful and could control all four elements; and all four seasons; and if she concentrated hard enough, I bet she could turn them into a powerful storm that could wipe out their enemies and an entire village. (I’d hate to get on her bad side).


     The royal family controlled everything in the land from crops to buildings. From villages to the world. They were so loved that anyone, poor or not, could confined in them. The land was a democracy, they believed their people had rights to anything they wanted and often had them choose what to do. What rules, and how to vote in the land. It was peaceful and happy, everyone wanted to live in Hollywood adjacent, I mean who wouldn’t. They weren’t like most kingdoms and the royal family definitely didn’t fall for any of the guidelines the other kingdoms set in place. They were deftly outsiders. But they didn’t care, as long as their people were happy that’s all that mattered.


     But one day an enemy of the family got wind of Phoenix’s abilities, and sought to find her. The family was very worried about their DAUGHTER. Their YOUNGEST daughter. Their ONLY daughter. They sought to find a plan to protect her, they came up with many, many, many, many ideas to protect her.


     They called a royal meeting of the royal council. The council had colors for their respective royals. Two council people, a man and a woman of the opposite race and or ethnicity and or sexuality (Keeping it diverse). Were blue for Artemis. Red and yellow for Eagle. Brown and orange for central. And white and pink for Apollo. And The color of the rainbow for Phoenix (seeing how she has all the elements and seasons). The councilman for Artemis (his name is Aiden) and he said “Why not lock her in a tower like Rapunzel and get a dragon to guard it like Fiona”. The council woman for Central added (her name is Jessica). “And not just a dragon, but an entire army. The dragon can be the backup”. Artemis’s reply to that was “Nice idea, nice. How do you plan to get a dragon? “No answer, by her representatives. So The councilwoman started for Eagle (her name is Noemi) she said “Let’s get a sleeping curse, that will freeze her heart and put her in a glass coffin like the dwarves did to Snow White”. the councilman for Apollo stated (his name is Nate) “She’s clasophibic, after the incident in the 9th grade down in the world with no magic. Never recovered”. They all agreed with that, and after an hour of going back and forth on what to do. They finally agreed on nothing. Apollo did say something, “You’re copying the past. This is the present. We need something that will work for her” But no one knew what, little did they know someone was lurking in the shadows and heard it all. Princess Phoenix.


     That night, there were noises. Explosions coming from the south. Weapons flying from the east. Things being blown up and setting fire from the north. The land was under attack, they wanted her. They wanted the princess. But the family, the council, and people would not let that happen. And the princess wouldn’t let people die or risk their life for her. So she did the only logical thing. She went out, created a massive storm. And BOOM, a loud echo. And just like that she was gone. Nothing left behind, no clothes. No strands of hair. Nothing. So that begged the question: Where is Princess Phoenix?