Changes at Holyoke High School


Taleishka Morales Babilonia, Photo Editor


     A lot has changed in the world in the past twenty one months. A big change that everyone can easily guess is Covid-19. This highly transmissible virus has resulted in various changes, including having to wear masks, the restriction of going to big events and even going to school. Many schools have implemented new protocols in order to ensure the health safety of all teachers, staff, and students. The real question is has our school, Holyoke High School, made an impactful change that ensures our safety? 


     In my opinion, the only large difference at Holyoke High is the masks. From my Freshman year at Holyoke High to now my Junior year, Holyoke High is still the same crowded hallways, crowded stairways, classrooms filled with 25-plus students, and the cafeteria filled with students not wearing their masks. Covid-19 cases are increasing more and more, the rule is we must be 3ft apart with masks on. As a student, I know  it’s not easy to leave these masks on all day. I missed sitting in a classroom and learning in person, being able to interact with others without being in a zoom call where we are put into an awkward breakout room with no discussions and black screens, but I also understand that Covid-19 is still around and spreading. 


     One of my big concerns is the Cafeteria. There are a lot of students in one cafeteria and they are not socially distant. Taking off your mask to eat is an obvious action that a person is going to take, but there are many students not wearing masks even if they are not eating. There are so many students in the cafeteria that there isn’t a lot of space to sit, and this includes the students who decide to eat outside. They have made a couple of rules in order to keep everyone in the cafeteria safe. Such as sitting at least 3ft apart, sitting with the same students everyday, and scanning the QR code that’s on your table. Although some of these protocols can help, students aren’t following them therefore there hasn’t been a change. The QR isn’t much of a big help either because it isn’t preventing Covid-19 or making sure that we are safe. It’s more for keeping record in case someone at your table does get sick, but what about the people they have classes with or the people they pass by in the hallways? That’s something they can’t keep a record on. 


     In conclusion, Covid-19 cases are rising and actions need to be taken in order to protect ourselves. Changes need to be made in Holyoke High in order to ensure safety in all students. A change in more social distancing is a big one including the distance in the hallways, stairways, classrooms and in the cafeteria. Times like this aren’t easy, but in order to make an impact and lower Covid-19 cases, taking action to ensure safety is the number one step.