Sage Sherburne, Herald Staff

     Wolves, beautiful beautiful wolves. They are like oversized dogs, they’re cute, lovable, adorable humans. Why would you want to hurt them? I mean look at that face. How can you kill it? Wolves have been around for 300 thousand years and counting. Do you know why wolves howl? It is not to just scare you or be annoying, it’s a battle cry or a signal for the rest of the pack. Or a warning to get out of their territories, so yes it is meant to scare you. Wolves are kind, angelic, gentle, BEAUTIFUL, cannot stress that enough. I mean they’re like dogs, and I know you all don’t kill your dogs, if that’s the case, please hope that’s not the case. Anyways, this is a story about a very powerful, powerful, POWERFUL wolf pack. Recruiting other wolves from other packs and merging them to make them one big pack. The royal twins, and their names are Ember and Enver. Ember and Enver can combine their abilities and form new ones to beat an enemy. You don’t want to mess with them. They like to treat their enemies like play toys, but they are not the killing type. They believe killing is the last resort.

     A lot I know, I guess you should know all the types of wolves out there and their packs. Starting with the noobs, the beginners to the craft. They can tend to be a little dangerous because they have yet to learn, they are messy with their prey, they are sensitive to loud noise and light, and get angry easily a lot like an omega but harmless. Then there’s deltas, they are mentors for the noobs, trust me you want to find a delta pack or wolf. They are not experienced but they will protect you. Then the gammas, they are servants for the deltas, they are the wolves you boss around. But I wouldn’t take their role as silent servants too lightly. Then the omegas, lone wolves. It is dangerous to be an omega, they are easily killed by Hunters, they can easily become prey. Even though an Omega wolf is a predator, they are weak without a pack. Not as strong, extremely hyper-sensitive, impulsive and often irritated and angry. Do not mess with a wolf without a pack, cause we are still predators and our first instinct is to go in for the kill. Next are Alphas the leaders. If you ever want to not be an omega, then you need an alpha, and their pack. Alphas are stronger than any other type of wolf, they are also more controlled. But for an alpha you can either use your abilities for good or evil. Alphas are also manipulative tricksters. So be careful, when you are dealing with them. They use their wolfhood for their own personal gain. And then there are the royals, it’s hard to be a royal, cause it’s something you’re born into. It’s not something you can earn, cause it’s genetic. They are in charge of every wolf pack. So they are the ones you listen to.

     In 1801, Ember and Enver were born, twins born into wolf packs were rare. Especially wolf twins born in Volos, Greece. Some time after they were born Hunter began to up their game. And set traps, arrows triggered by a tripwire. Bear traps. Ect. When the twins turned 18, they were in an abandoned house locked until the full moon passed. When the full moon finally passed, they went back to their home to find that it was burned down. Their family was hosting their annual moon party to celebrate the goddess Artemis. The twins were excited to finally be full fledged wolves and be able to control their shift from human to wolf. But when the fire started, most of them were able to turn into a wolf in time and protect themselves from being burned. Some of them didn’t do it in time and were burned alive. But the moon party wasn’t just for  wolves, it was for worshippers of the moon goddess, humans were in there and they could not protect themselves. The fire left some in shock, others dead. For the twins, this left them alone, broken.

     “Who would do this, Enver?” Ember said “Our home, our family and friends. Our worshippers. Everyone” she added.

      “I know, this has to be hunters, they’re obsessed with us,” Enver said.     

      “Why?” Ember said, filled with tears.

      “I don’t know, my twin. I don’t know” Enver said, filled with anger.

      For the next couple of days their once beautiful and carefree minds became filled with anger and sadness. And those are not good together.

     They went after the hunters who did this awful act out of rage. And when they found them a battle was coming.

      “You! You’re the leader, right? You’re the one who burned our house. Did you know you killed your own kind” Ember shouted.

      The battle was fierce, people went after the twins. They were badly injured, only transforming into a full wolf would save them. But while they were attempting to go wolf, they were killed, run through by a sword in mid form. Meaning they were not fully human or fully wolf when they were killed. And were able to heal, except now they were stuck as half wolves, and that’s how they were for eternity, it’s called the curse of the wolf. (When wolves are killed when transforming.)

     The next couple of decades they’ve been building their army, although they still don’t believe in killing. They made a code for that, they kill those who hunt us. We kill in self defense. So remember wolves are not your enemy, they are quite the opposite, they can be your best friend if you give them the chance.