Grey’s Anatomy Returns for Season 18


Samantha Brennan, Digital Editor, Herald Writer

It is Thursday and if you are familiar with ABC’s award winning 18 season show Grey’s Anatomy, then you know tonight is the season premiere. It will be a two hour special crossover event with ABC’s Station 19. The last time we saw a new Grey’s Anatomy episode was the conclusion of season 17 back in June. After a 17 episode season, and fans wondering if it would return, the show announced it was renewed for an 18th season. 


Grey’s Anatomy is a television drama medical series. It began in 2005, created by Shonda Rhimes. It has generated multiple spin off shows throughout the years including Private Practice starring Kate Walsh. The show has racked up some major awards throughout its air time for example the show has received Grammys, Golden Globes and Emmys. Not only the show in general, but many of the actors and actresses in the show have been honored individually with awards too. 


 The star of the show, Meredith Grey- who, by the title you can tell is the main character, is played by Ellen Pompeo. Pompeo, a Massachusetts native has grown to be the highest paid actress on any drama series. Her co-star, and on screen husband Patrick Dempsey is a popular face too. Dempsey, born in Maine entered the show when it began in 2005, and exited in season 11. Speculation of on-set drama is the reason for Dempsey’s departure from the hit show. Pompeo said that when Dempsey left she thought the show “wouldn’t go on”. As she stated in an interview with Buzzfeed,


 “I could’ve left because the man left, which is not a story I want to tell. Like, ‘He’s not here anymore, so I have to go’. So that story then becomes, ‘what can I do without the man? Because they had put in my head for so long that I was no good without him”. 


Ellen Pompeo continued to rock the show and seven years later, Patrick Dempsey actually returned this past year. The show this year took place right in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. The storyline was centered around COVID-19 and Grey-Sloan Memorial Hospital going into shutdown, as the virus took the lives of many patients. Pompeo’s character, Grey, caught the virus and was in a coma for weeks. In the coma, many characters from Meredith’s past arrive and speak to Meredith. 


 Since there was a return of so many characters, this brings us back to the surprise and shock people felt when they found out there would be a season 18. Many thought the show would conclude with the amount of important old characters they brought back. I interviewed Holyoke High School Junior, Abigail Dominguez and asked questions about how she feels with the return of Greys. Abigail began the show, starting the early first season on Netflix in the fall of 2018.  She starts with, 


“I’m feeling hopeful for this new season. I have a feeling that there are going to be a lot of past characters returning this season as we had a few from last season, but not as many as I am hoping for for this season.” She now goes into detail,


“I am hoping that Alex Karev (Justin Chambers) will return as he left in season 16 and left everyone in tears -even me.” 


Karev was a constant key character for the Grey’s Anatomy cast. Grey’s fans saw him first in the pilot episode. Seeing him go was a shock to the viewers, even making headlines on big media outlets, like The Hollywood Reporter


“Along with that Addison Montgomery, portrayed by Kate Walsh will be returning this season which is very exciting.. It has definitely been an emotional roller coaster, for those of you who currently are watching, and those who have watched Grey’s, you would know. From the heartbreak, to amazing characters/actors leaving has left many in tears” Abigail Dominguez ℅ 23’. 


Make sure to tune in tonight, September 30th, 2021 at 8pm to catch the season 18 premiere of Grey’s Anatomy on ABC.