Devious Licks at Holyoke High School


Taleishka Morales Babilonia , Herald Writer

The Devious Lick trend started on Tik Tok and involves students across the U.S stealing and vandalizing school property. Just recently, the Devious Lick trend was done at Holyoke High School. Sinks were stolen as well as mirrors and soap and napkin dispensers. The Devious Lick trend has occurred in many school districts across the United States. In response to these issues, police have begun to arrest and charge students after vandalizing and stealing from their respective schools. I am questioning how students at Holyoke High are getting away with these kinds of illegal actions. How are they able to walk out of the building with no cameras or administrators catching them? Finally, what consequences are these students getting to ensure that this is not a recurring trend? 


In my opinion, this trend is unnecessary and should not be an issue in the first place. Many schools across the U.S have worked hard to ensure that their students have all the materials necessary to be successful. Students are taking advantage of their school by vandalizing and stealing as a “joke” simply because of a trend on Tik Tok. I have been wondering what the point of the trend is. What are you getting out of this? Maybe a good laugh, likes, and followers on Tik Tok, but what else? At the end of the day, students who are engaging in the Devious Lick trend are taking away the needs that are being provided at their school not only for themselves, but for the rest of the students as well. 


An illegal action like this should be taken seriously and have consequences. The ABC News website stated, “School officials used their camera system to identify students who participated in causing the damage. Voelker said consequences for those students include suspension from school and restitution for damages.” I think it is very important to have camera systems running at all times to ensure the safety of everyone in the school. Not only is it important for safety reasons, but it is also important and useful for situations like the Devious Lick trend. How were students at Holyoke High able to get away with this illegal action? Where were the administrators in the hallways when you needed them and were the cameras being used? This is not only a concern for the illegal action of stealing and vandalizing the school, but for safety precautions. The camera system is also helpful for situations such as when a fight breaks out or a health concern occurs. Things like this ensure the safety of our school. If there were no administrators in the hallways and the cameras were not being used, how are consequences being made? Are those students being charged or suspended, or are their parents being notified? I know a classmate of mine who was involved in the Devious Lick trend who has not gotten any consequences and has admitted their actions to a variety of students. If this student got away with this illegal action, how many other students have gotten away with it? This could be the reason why the Devious Lick trend was done at our school more than one time. This is a huge concern because all students, teachers and administrators at this school not only represent the name of Holyoke High School, but also the city of Holyoke. Improvements need to be made in order to show others the strong and passionate community that we have. 


In conclusion, the Devious Lick trend has been done across the U.S. many times and includes vandalizing and stealing at schools. Just recently, the Devious Lick trend was done here at Holyoke High School and involved students stealing school property such as sinks, mirrors, soap, and napkin dispensers. This is an illegal action that needs to be taken seriously. Unfortunately, some students at Holyoke High who were involved in the Devious Lick trend are not receiving consequences. Were these students caught and haven’t gotten a consequence? Were they not caught because there are no administrators in the hallways and no security cameras to look back on? This a huge concern to our safety and improvement needs to be made as we, students, teachers and administrators are all a representation of our community.