The Curse of the Queen Wolf


Sage Sherburne, Herald Staff

Did you know that wolves come in packs? The most powerful wolf is a queen. She is stuck in between stages since she is not fully human and not fully wolf. She was battling a great alpha who was working with a human to curse the queen. When he attacked her and attempted to kill her, he slashed her with his sharp claws. Everyone knew she would transform to protect herself. However, that is when she got stuck. The curse was done on time, but she was badly injured and her transformation was too slow. Her eyes are amber, her teeth are sharp and her ears are pointy. She was able to heal from her injuries when she got back to the house. Despite this, what did they go back to? Their home was destroyed and they were forced to live in the woods.


Almost fifteen decades later, humans backed off. Seeing that most of the wolves in her pack were either killed or fled the city of Hillville, the queen wolf was distraught. She gave some humans a very compelling offer to be a wolf, join her pack and do amazing things. The humans could either join or go on with their miserable lives. One thing to note is that the queen only turns people if they want to turn. She never turned anyone by force. However, one rogue wolf named Garret did. He was eating outside when the human came. The human was out looking for something he lost on a school field trip when the wolf came and bit him. The next day, Garret came before the council and the queen herself (who no one except her close circle can see). He pleaded with her and he said, “My queen, your majesty. My fairest lord, it was an accident. I was eating 5 rabbits at once and I saw something that was moving and I thought I was another rabbit because no one comes that way. And so I bit him. It was an accident. Honestly.” The queen responded by asking, “Do you know the penalty for biting a human without giving them a choice, Garret?” “Yes.” Garret’s voice was shaky. The queen then said, in the midst of a roar, “Good, the full moon is in, what? 5 days? Get them to relengition their new wolfhood before their first full moon. If you fail to do so, I will have to go down and do it. Trust me, it will hurt a lot more.” After these words were spoken, Garret ran in fear away from the queen. In the last 15 decades, the queen had not left the castle, which was built in the woods on a protective tree from the blood of their fallen people. Since she was stuck in between stages of being a wolf, she could not let the humans see her. 


A week later, the first full moon passed. The queen was not happy. The inner circle was following Garret and a new wolf. The queen made true to her promise to her threat. She went down to the new wolf school with her inner circle. “Scott Dell to the principal’s office! Scott Dell to the principal’s office!” the receptionist said into the intercom. Despite Garret’s pleading, he left with the queen and her inner circle. “Who are you?” the new wolf said. “Where are we going?” “You’ll see,” the queen replied. They went deep into the woods where the battle happened decades ago. “What is this place?” the new wolf said “Our village,” one inner circle member said. “Our home is built on the blood of our people. Another individual responded by saying, “Others died.” “We may be predators, but we are not killers,” another added. “The humans burned our village, our homes, our people. I needed a pact, so I started turning to those who wanted it. Those who deserved it. And those who can handle the hunters,” the queen explained. “I want this,” the new wolf said. “You don’t, you’re lying. You are being told what you want because of what Garret told you. It is not easy being wolves” the queen said. “You should have chosen this. And you didn’t.” Another circle member stated, “We do not turn if you’re not willing.” However, this did not sit well with him. He wanted this new position. He went to Garret and said, “Let’s do it, I’m in. Let’s kill them. All of them.” “Perfect,” said Garret.


Garret and various other wolves had a plan to take out the inner circle and to take out the queen. They went to the castle and Garet lied to the new wolf and said things that the wolves did not believe. The queen tried to plead with them one last time, but they did not listen. Because of this, they had to revert back to the traditional belief of wolves, which are the Apex Predators. They did not kill the wolves, but instead locked them up. That is the story of the curse of the queen wolf.