Love On Tour


Nevaeh Lopez, Social Media Manager/Podcast Editor

     Harry Styles’ second tour in support of his album “Fine Line” began in Las Vegas in early September. This tour is called “Love on Tour,” as in contrast to “Live on Tour,” which was his first tour in 2018. The singer/actor announced months prior to the kickoff date, that the tour would resume after being postponed due to the Coronavirus pandemic. When he announced that he would be staying in the country rather than continuing on a world tour, international fans were immediately disappointed. We recognize that this decision was made for safety reasons, but we can’t help but completely sympathize with international fans. Along with announcing the downgrade from a world tour, Styles and his team added several extra dates to his tour schedule. This was an excellent opportunity for new fans to obtain tickets, and also for fans who had previously been unable to. These release dates quickly came, and tickets were sold out just minutes after they went on sale. Jenny Lewis of the indie rock band Rilo Kiley joins Styles on tour. Lewis has been, and will continue to be, Styles’ opening act. 


     Styles has been on tour for over a month and has performed thirteen shows across the country. He is headed to New York City’s Madison Square Garden on October 3rd, 4th and 16th.. He will also be performing at Mohegan Sun’s Uncasville CT arena, October 21st and 23rd, and Boston’s TD Garden on October 25th. Styles will be headed back to NYC for his two night “Harryween, Fancy Dress Party,” in Madison Square garden, on the 30th and 31st of October.  Northeast fans are extremely excited for these shows, because of how unlikely we are to get so many shows up here. and we can’t wait to see photos and videos. All of these shows are sold out, but many resellers have taken to Instagram to spread the word about trading or selling their tickets. Active and popular fan accounts warn fellow fans about buying from resellers, because there are always risks. On Instagram accounts like @hslottickets, are helping buyers and sellers connect safely by verifying the sellers information. While it may be more convenient to buy tickets on reselling sites like Seat geek, they can get a bit pricey, when including service fees and taxes, along with the already high resell rates. When buying and connecting with everyday fans, you’re able to negotiate prices and/or trade dates. 


     Fans over the age of twelve need to provide proof of full vaccinations, as well as a 48-hour prior negative Covid test, at all venues and concerts. Fans under the age of twelve must still show proof of a negative Covid test, and all guests must wear masks and maintain social distance both outside and inside the venue. These include locations like lines, merchandise stands, bathrooms, etc. Despite these precautions, the actual arenas where most concerts will be held are indoors, and seating assignments have no social distancing, especially in Watermelon or Cherry Pit. We applaud Styles’ team for taking all of these precautions, but it prompts the question, what other precautions could have been taken? Could the HSHQ (Harry Styles Headquarters) have made it possible for high-risk and sick fans to see the show? We can only imagine the disappointment of high-risk fans, and even more so of sick fans. Should the team charge a small fee for high-quality live streaming? There are some fans who are kind enough to try to live stream a portion of the show, but the quality isn’t the best. We still applaud them though.


     For any fans going to see any shows, remember to be safe and have fun.