Alexa Moran, Social Media Manager/Youtube Editor


     A very current and controversial topic that I believe is very important involves the debate of vaccines. Yep, this little tiny supplement that is supposed to help end the spread of this virus has created so much controversy.  We have really lost our sense as a country and have become so ignorant in regards to this issue. It has caused so much conflict as a country and has even made people even go against one another. . Leading to division, loss of jobs, and even becoming a barrier in your education. It has become such a widespread problem. You would think this would act as a solution and give people a sense of hope for a better future instead it has led to a nightmare….


     The media is constantly surfacing with ads and websites are filled with reasons to register yourself to get vaccinated. When in reality it is all for numbers and rates in which they are trying to improve around the  world. They are strongly enforcing citizens to get vaccinated and if you choose not to, you become apart of a problem? You are shamed if you choose to not to, which is completely absurd because you are the owner of your body. Where if you don’t want to or not it shouldn’t change  my perspective or opinion of you. This has seriously gotten way into the heads of people to the point where they grow so angry and choose to not associate themselves with people. We should not feel like we don’t have a right to our own judgment. Instead of bashing others on what they choose to believe in, we should support one another based on whatever we want to with our bodies. Our society has become so dependent on this newly made antidote being the solution to it all. When it is only the beginning of what we need to do to help stop this spread. I was reading this article on Covid vaccines( Mandatory COVID Vaccines: Why Forcing People To Get A Shot May Backfire | American Council on Science and Health ( A piece of information that stood out to me stated “Never mind your liberties, there’s a deadly virus on the loose”. I just overall feel like it’s just so wrong in so many ways. It is truly upsetting that our rights are not even being considered. I understand we want to better our health , however we should not be careless about what others choose. This is not what is going to end Covid believe me we have a long way to go, it could be a start.


     This has not only created a strain on the media but in our daily lives as well. People have begun to lose their jobs because of not choosing to be vaccinated. People’s personal decisions, even religious ones, are not being respected. We are not being mindful that these are not regular individuals but those who have families to support. Taking away their jobs leading them to financial instability based on a preference of that person. There have been many biased opinions and they have been forged on to others. I don’t think we as a society are realizing the damage we are doing. We are not thinking critically instead acting off emotions. Creating economic destruction and who knows if it can even be fixed in the near future. It is such a touchy subject that rings the ears of many. A lot of opinions and it is perfectly fine to have them because your views are valid. There’s a difference in respect and acceptance within a colleague ,friend, etc. This is also affecting the education of students which really hits home for me because I am a current senior in high school. I really reflect and think will my education really be affected because of my vaccination status? When I have a right to learn for no cost and penalty if I don’t exceed these expectations. I am not trying to be the person who is not reasonable or considerate to others’ physical protection. However, we students ,workers ,etc should not be restricted from doing things apart from our daily lives. It is just very impractical. I feel we should just be more accepting of one another opposed to choosing hostility. It will make people want to resist even more and not even think about reforming to your ideals. We need to think smarter and with a better mentality overall because we are just going to continue adding fire. The division in this country is continuing to get larger and larger, continuing with these actions it’ll increasingly get worse. 


     This has become a part of everyone’s daily lives whether we like it or not. It is everywhere we look and it is going to continue that way. Unless we do something about it will begin to control our lives and be a factor in our tomorrow. It’s time for everyone to reunite as one and work under one body opposed to trying to solve things into our own matters. It creates such chaos and it can be easily avoided if we work together instead of against. It makes us look weak and like we have no way of direction as a country. It can continue to disrupt our way of life. There needs to be some serious improvements and people who believe to be “educated” on this topic. Need to remain enlightened throughout the process and not become frustrated based on another person’s choice. I am still learning as well with this whole situation but I will not be forced to do something I am not fully comfortable with. There’s hope for change for this endless disagreement and conflict. Hopefully we maintain the patience to move past this and take the appropriate actions for it…