Dear Holyoke High


Olivia Mazza, Herald Staff

Dear Holyoke High,


Your current statement to stifle our voices and lead us into silence was unforeseen but not unexpected.


As someone who is part of the Holyoke High Herald and a student who has also faced sexual assault within the walls of a building, I was informed to keep myself safe. I am very displeased to see peaceful protests being counter acted and the way the media proceeds to portray us students as both reckless and attention seeking whilst we protest. 


You have spoken on the intercom while we sat in homeroom with our peers, and preached about a community you wished to see built, yet when the opportunity presents itself you pour water on a burning flame of inspiration and ally ship. 


You begin to wonder why we are only viewed for our wrongdoings rather than a community that is strongly built and supportive. It’s because you hinder our voices.


Time and time again, the students of Holyoke High have reached out our hands to have them not firmly grasped but instead, shoved away when we plead for these difficult topics to be acknowledged. Yet each time they have been swept under the rug.


Sexual assault, racism, homophobia, bullying are all topics I see and hear when I walk down the school hallway and topics myself and others have dealt with. 


Topics that are heavy, topics you choose to ignore.


We are displeased and I hope both the principal and administration realize the effect and toll it has on both students and teachers, when we are silenced. 


A topic such as sexual assault and racism and bullying can be swept under a rug, but we will not forget how you were more concerned over a sink and mirror being stolen than the safety of the students and students to come. 


From a humble 12th grade student, Olivia Mazza