Adele Returns

Samantha Brennan, Digital Editor

On October 15th, Adele released a new song for the first time in 6 years. Adele last released music in 2015 with her album ‘25’. This album was insanely successful. In 2015, ‘25’ was the world’s best- selling album of the year. 18.4 million copies were sold in the first year alone. 


There were various rumors and speculation that Adele would no longer make music after the release of ‘25’. This speculation occurred until October 2020 when she hosted Saturday Night Live. She announced to the world that she “won’t be releasing a new record until at least 2021”. That was enough to tell fans and now Adele is coming back! 



The singer’s new single dropped this past Friday, which is titled, “Easy on Me.” Within the first 24 hours, the song recieved 24 million streams from all over the world. In an article written by The Rolling Stones, they state, “On Friday, just 18 hours after the single’s arrival, Spotify tweeted “And just like that, @Adele set a new record,” The authors noted that she was “already the record holder for most-streamed song in the single day.” The success of this new music is looking to only go up. A six year hiatus for a very successful individual will do nothing but make fans want more!


I interviewed Adele mega fan Emma Dominguez. She had been counting down the days to this release. Emma described the excitement by stating, “It is so similar to Christmas Morning! You are so excited to finally open your presents. Instead, you can’t wait to hear Adele’s wonderful music!” “Easy On Me” did not disappoint Emma. She already knows all the words! She says Adele did a great job and she is impatient for her album. 


On November 30th, 2021, Adele will give the world her fourth album. She has gone from 19, 21, 25 to now 30. The album has a lot of ears waiting to listen to the wonderful music. There are rumors and speculations about who might collaborate with Adele on the album as well. It is unconfirmed, but Twitter users have put Ariana Grande, Beyonce and Elton John as possible featured individuals. We will not know until the album tracks are released. That will most likely be closer to the middle of November.