Senior Nights


Niurka Rivera Davila, Herald Writer

What is senior night? What is this wonderful event about? Senior night is a night of emotions.Where everyone comes together to celebrate the seniors’ final game in high school sending them off to their next athletic journey on the next level. It’s a night where we appreciate the players and celebrate everything they have accomplished.
What kind of emotions are in the air on senior nights? You will experience both sad and happy emotions knowing that this may be their last game of their high school season but happy that they’ve gotten to where they are and accomplished what they have accomplished. This is also a night we encourage family and friends to come out and support a lot of family members. Coaches and teammates give warm-hearted speeches with inside jokes that make everyone on the team laugh. Senior nights are beautiful events that bring everyone together.
Senior night is very memorable. This night celebrates the commitments and hard work the team has made and celebrates each seniors’ contribution. Senior night is a tradition especially at Holyoke High School. The staff, teachers and students all come out to show their support. As an athlete I can speak for all of us when I say we really appreciate everything everyone has done and we love feeling supported.
At senior nights we have player introductions, flowers, recognition and gifts, senior night posters and banners. The decorations and posters come from teammates which make each poster very special to the seniors knowing their teammates can look up to them and inspire them. The bond that a team has on senior night is very powerful.