Holyoke Spirit Week is Here


Bryanna Colon, Special Guest Writer

Holyoke High Spirit week is here! Finally time to show some spirit and have fun at school! This next week will be full of laughter and fun between students and staff. Spirit Week will get us students excited for our long awaited pep rally. Go wear your favorite team’s jersey, twin with your favorite teacher or best friend, let’s see some creative ways to hold your things throughout the day, go back in time on a Thursday and wear the funkiest things you can find.

Then before we go on our thanksgiving break dress up as a character from your favorite tv show/movie, and lastly Pep Rally Day: Wear your class colors! Get excited, dress up and have fun before our first break of school! The following is the schedule for the 2021 Spirit Week from Mr. Bechard, Student Government Advisor. Can’t wait to see everyone showing off some school spirit!

Nov. 15: Jersey Monday

Nov. 16: Twin Tuesday

Nov. 17: Anything But a Backpack Day (Carry stuff in some other container other than a backpack)

Nov. 18: Throwback Thursday 

Nov. 19: Funky Friday 

Nov. 22: Character Day

Nov. 23: Pep Rally! Wear class colors (Seniors = white, Juniors = black, Sophomores = gray, Freshman = purple)