The Spell before Thanksgiving


Sage Sherburne, Herald Writer

The following is a fictional story by Sage Sherburne. 

Once upon a time in Salem Massachusetts, the year was 1692. People did weird things such as praying to the devil, talking to animals, making things disappear, changing things and dancing with the trees. People found this weird, and if they saw it, they would yell “witch” and report it to the court. Although most accusations on those men and women were just that false. There were some people who really had a lot to say about this topic. Or should I say DID something about it. I am not sure if it made a difference, but they tried.


Celeste, a beautiful and powerful witch, was born in 1566. She is 25 and has been for the past decade. The witch trials began in 1692, but actually started long before that. Celeste is the only one of her kind who could summon the elements, fly, talk to animals and summon light and darkness without being consumed. Every witch wanted to be like her, but no witch had the patience or life to do what she could for two obvious reasons. One is she was born like that and two she was born like that. Because of this, it is biologically and genetically impossible. Before the witch hunts and trials, witches could freely use magic and their followers could practice and help them freely. The witches were isolated in their own little town in Salem Massachusetts. Celeste put a spell so no mortal could enter. However, every year on all Hallows Eve. It failed due to harmonic balance. Then, it came back up the next day.


Once the witch hunts began the “witches” had to hide. They had to protect their secrets and be someone there not. Could you imagine that? The witch hunts picked up excessively and since the witches got so good at hiding, the witch hunters started accusing mortals. They started telling the court that the witches are in hiding and even paid people to tell them that they do magic. Now, if you know about the witch trials, you know how they killed mortals. You also are aware of how they killed witches. Celeste couldn’t bear to see the death of innocent witches anymore. It was almost Thanksgiving and the pilgrims were getting ready. They came in 1620 to America and were not fans of witches either. Celeste called a meeting of the mortals and decided to expose herself and save more innocent lives. She showed her magic, cast some spells and brewed some potions. Because of this, they threw her into jail. Before she was awaiting trial, the judge’s wife was accused and he shut the trial system down. Everyone was released. The witch hunters could not believe this and were upset and they decided to follow Celeste to the witches’ isolated home. They burned it to the ground and so many people suffered. They were caught and rotted in jail.


It is now 2021 and the ancestors of these witch hunters are living happily ever after in Salem. However, there are a group of witches that aren’t so happy, and might even be vegentful because of the death of their home, followers, family and friends.


“To me, a witch is a woman that is capable of letting her intuition take hold of her actions, that communes with her environment, that isn’t afraid of facing challenges.”

― Paulo Coelho