Spirit Days

Spirit Days

Niurka Rivera, Herald Writer

Spirit Days at Holyoke High occur every week on Friday. Personally, I like Spirit Days. The majority of people like to participate and you can see the creativity that comes from their outfits. The spirit days I’ve seen people participate in have been tropical day, dress like a teacher and teachers dress like students day, pink day, costume day and even an additional pajama day. Spirit days are a good time to spread joy, have some fun and express yourself. 

Students have been really creative making outfits in groups and showing out together. As a senior I want to participate in everything before the year comes to an end.Spirit days give us a chance to do that, be involved and have fun while being involved. Costume day was very successful and surprising, coming out of class to get scared by someone at the end of the hall or laugh at the goofy costumes students had can make someone’s day. 

Teachers also participate in ALL of our Spirit Days and this not only shows their spirit but it shows their commitment to do these fun activities with us. Our teachers know how to have fun and can make our days with their spirit day outfits. Some examples of teachers participating in spirit days are Mr. Slaney dressed as a calculator for costume day and even Mr.Baru pulling out his joggers to dress like us students on teachers dress like students day and a student dressed like Mr.Baru . These were both very entertaining to the students and our teachers.

Spirit day is a chance for students to interact and feel good about what they’re wearing with the compliments that come with their outfits. This can bring out a lot of confidence in the students.