Growing Up In Boston, Massachusetts


Ally Dumoulin, Herald Writer

Boston, Massachusetts. The start of a brand new life. Boston is the Capital City of Massachusetts. There are forty-three cities and towns in Eastern Massachusetts surrounded by Boston. Massachusetts is known for their five major league professional sports teams. The five sports teams include hockey, basketball, baseball, and football. The Boston Bruins (NHL), the Boston Celtics (NBA), Boston Red Sox (MLB) and the New England Patriots (NFL). The most popular game fans go to all over the country to watch is the Boston Red Sox. In 2019, there were 19,873,614 domestic (residing in their country) visitors and 2,875,240 international (cross borders) visitors that came to Boston, Massachusetts.

 There are many fun things to do around Boston, Massachusetts. Visiting Fenway Park and touring the baseball stadium is a wonderful place to make memories. Around Boston, there are many food trucks and places to shop as well as high-class restaurants. The people are friendly, but it is always rush hour and busy! Overall, Boston is a wealthy place, although it does have its more low-income parts. The Boston Public Garden is a large area, allowing people to come any time of the year! The Boston Tea Party Ships and Museum is a great place to bring family and friends to learn about the history of the city. 

Boston is a city surrounded by many small and large towns. As a citizen of a small community not too far from Boston, I have learned a lot about Eastern Massachusetts. Growing up in Wilmington, less than 30 minutes from Boston, we always visited the city with friends and family. The healthcare in Eastern Massachusetts is very strong. I would never change my doctors or dentists as I still head towards Boston for treatment. They are so professional and really know what they are doing! There are surrounding towns such as Burlington, Lexington, Beverly, Chelmsford, Danvers, Peabody, Tewksbury, Billerica, Salem and many more were places I would visit on a daily basis. Every town is more or less than ten minutes from each other! New Hampshire is only a 35 minute drive from Boston. Hampton Beach has always been a special place for my family to go. Attending pageants every summer was one of my favorites. Around Wilmington, there are many malls, restaurants, stores, coffee shops and many pizza shops. The schools in Wilmington are great and the community is all as one. It is a small town, so everyone knows each other and business owners. There are many parks, basketball courts, football fields and soccer fields for the public to spend time. They also have fast food restaurants you don’t see everywhere, such as Simard’s Super Roast Beef in the Wilmington Plaza. It is one of my family’s favorite places to eat when back in town. The people are kind and outgoing and they are always willing to help one another. All the towns surrounding Wilmington also have their unique spots and unheard-of attractions. 

In towns other than Wilmington, there are parks as well as reservoirs. There is a Topsfield Drive-In, which is fun to attend. Families can bring snacks and blankets to watch movies outdoors. A recommended place to go would definitely be the Salem Witch Village, which is where practicing witches discover myths and facts of witchcraft as some also learn about the history of the Salem Witch Trials. Peabody is not too far from the beach, either. During the summer most people head to Hampton Beach, but others head to Revere Beach, only 20 minutes from Boston!

Boston is definitely a wonderful place to grow up. With many places nearby, people never have to worry about not being able to go to certain places. Furthemore, transportation is always available and there are hotels nearby as well as restaurants and shopping. What’s more to ask? Although I spent about thirteen years in the area, I learn more every time I go back! I’m so glad I had the experience of growing up near a very popular city. I hope more people decide to visit Boston and check out all the awesome places nearby. Taking chances and experiencing new things in different places really gives one a perspective. Seeing Boston with your own eyes is a beautiful sight to see.