Astroworld Music Festival Disaster


Conrad Broderick, Youtube Editor/Podcast Editor/Head Photographer

On November 5, 2021, Rapper Travis Scott hosted his Astroworld Festival in Houston Texas. Travis Scott states that he is “absolutely devastated by what took place” Friday night after at least eight people died and many more were injured after a crowd surge at the festival. Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner reported that a 14 year-old, a 16 year-old, two 21 year-olds, two 23 year-olds, a 27 year-old, and one person of an unknown age died.

Chief of Police Troy Finner confirmed Saturday afternoon that authorities are aware of reports of a possible drug spiking incident. Finner said that while they are investigating the possible drug spiking incident, other victims were clearly trampled. It is unknown if any of the deaths are linked to the needle spiking incident. The crush began around 9:15pm and was declared a mass casualty event by 9:38pm. Over 300 people were treated for injuries related to the crowd surge. People are furious with Travis Scott because of the incident that took place.

Scott has 46 lawsuits filed against him at the time of this article in response to the disaster and will be paying for the victims’ funeral costs. The stigma of this tragedy has gotten to the point where even companies such as Nike are postponing releases of Travis Scott’s Air Max collaboration out of respect for the losses on November 5th.