Door Decorating at Holyoke High

Door Decorating at Holyoke High

Alina Fairlie, News Editor

     Classrooms all around Holyoke High participated in a door decorating contest in the spirit of a pep rally, our last football game, and Thanksgiving break. Traditionally, students would gather to decorate the gym, divided by classes. Due to Covid, it was deemed unsafe to have such a large crowd, but we were still able to celebrate our school spirit. 


     Each squad was given the last block of the day before pep rally to work on decorating the doors. Multiple winners from each of the 4 floors were chosen and will be rewarded with a breakfast party on December 8 during squad time. Judges walked around the school during the morning of pep rally, deciding who the winners would be. They saw a variety of doors, many involving our mascot or football fields in celebration of the spirit-filled week. Winners were announced at the  pep rally later that afternoon. 


     First floor winners include rooms 110 and 117. 

Mrs. Lawler 117                                             

Ms. Webber 110 























 Second floor winners include rooms 212, 219, and 227.

Ms. Rosado 212                                                                         

Mr. Colon 219

Ms. Hobert 227                                    




































Third floor winners include rooms 301, 304, and 313.         

Mr. Bechard 313                                             

Ms. Landfried 304              

Ms. Brunelle 301


































The winner of the basement was room G6. 

Ms. Long G6













Congratulations to all of our winners!