Holyoke High Hosts Art Show & Winter Concert


Samantha Brennan, Digital Editor

     The Art and Music Department here at Holyoke High School held their annual Winter Concert and Art Show this past Thursday December 16, 2021. The concert was the first in two years, due to COVID-19. The concert was held in the auditorium, and the art show was held outside of the auditorium, so everyone could see the student’s art and hear the music.


      Art teachers, Mr. Greaney and Mr. Duran were excited to show off their students’ artwork. Band teacher, Ms. Stuart conducted a wonderful show with her student led band. Mr. Todd put on a strong set of holiday songs sung by the Madrigal Choir, the Choir and the Bell Choir. 


     Art student Isabella Murphy had her art on display at the show and performed with the Madrigal Choir. She was assigned an art project that would take her from the end of September to the end of November creating it. It was a cubism sculpture. The inspiration for the project stated by Mr. Duran is Pablo Picasso themed art. Isabella created a three-dimensional dog. She says in an interview talking about the art piece, “It has great structural integrity and my understanding of the principles and elements of art contributed to the success of this piece.” Included is a photo of Isabella Murphy’s art. 


     A member of the choir, Brenna Phillips says she was so eager to perform the Christmas Carols she had been working on. She stated, “It was so inspiring seeing how everyone was so joyful in the holiday season.” She says she is excited for her years to come performing for Mr. Todd as well as Brenna is only a sophomore.  


     If you would like to see the Madrigal Choir perform their Christmas music, the next concert for the Madrigal Choir is Christmas Eve, at 4 pm Mass at St. Jerome Church in Holyoke Mass.