Gazette All-Stars



Holyoke High School coach Joe Dutsar talks to his team during practice, Monday, Aug. 26, 2019 at the school.

Samantha Brennan, Digital Editor

     The Daily Hampshire Gazette Newspaper has announced its fall sports selections for the 2021 season.


     23 Student-athletes at HHS have made their respective sports list. This is an incredible number. The future is bright for the underclassmen, as five freshman and sophomore athletes made the lists. There are many athletes on this list that also made the All-Western Mass. selections list. Samantha Brennan, Molly O’Donnell,  Alysha Izquierdo, Jacqueline Jourdain, Quinn Cauley, Aidan Stark, Adrix Madera, Karyna Gaston Feliciano, Elijah Quinn, Kaiya Thomas Rivera, Dylan Lubold, David Sicard, Dymetri Gonzalez, Ethan McClain, and Jaden Diaz are all on both lists.


      Jael Cabrera, senior at Holyoke High was named the 2021 Gazette Football Player of the Year. This is a great honor. He was chosen out of all of the football players in the area the Newspaper covers sports on. Cabrera was called a kay player for Holyoke this fall. They also said, “The 2021 Gazette Football Player of the Year started at wide receiver and defensive back and was the Purple Knights most dangerous kick and punt returner. But most of all, he was Holyoke’s engine this fall.”In an interview with the gazette, Jael stated, “I feel like the team went from my energy. If I was up and I was fired up the whole team was fired up,” Cabrera said. “My coaches would tell me I’m the engine, I’m the motor. I spark our plays. Whenever I’m doing something good, I always try to pick up my teammates, even in bad moments I try to pick up my teammates.”


     Congratulations to all the athletes that made their list!


     First Team Field Hockey

Samantha Brennan, Junior, Holyoke

      Second Team Field Hockey

Molly O’Donnell, Freshman, Holyoke

      First Team Football

Jael Cabrera, Senior, Holyoke Football Player of the Year

Quinn Cauley Senior, Holyoke

Dylan Lubold, Junior, Holyoke

Aidan Stark, Senior, Holyoke


     Second Team Football

Jay Cauley Guzman, Freshman, Holyoke

Omar Gomez, Sophomore, Holyoke

Dymetri Gonzalez, Junior, Holyoke

Ethan McClain, Senior, Holyoke

Adrix Madera, Senior, Holyoke

David Sicard, Junior, Holyoke


     Honorable Mention Football

Jaden Diaz, Freshman, Holyoke

Chris Perez, Junior, Holyoke

Joey Scott, Senior, Holyoke


     Second Team Cross Country

Elijah Quinn, Sophomore, Holyoke


     Honorable Mention Cross Country

Gavin Sullivan, Junior, Holyoke


     First Team Girls Volleyball

Alysha Izquierdo, Senior, Holyoke

Jaqueline Jourdain, Senior, Holyoke


     Second Team Girls Volleyball

Karyna Gaston Feliciano, Senior, Holyoke

     Second Team Girls Soccer

Kaiya Thomas Rivera, Junior, Holyoke

   Honorable Mention Boys Soccer

Freddy Orozco Rivas, Senior, Holyoke

Patrick Gubala, Senior, Holyoke