HHS Basketball Policy


Alina Fairlie, News Editor

As of Tuesday, February 1st, Holyoke High School basketball games will allow each player 3 fans per game. This is regardless of whether they are a player from the home or away team. That night was our first basketball game since the beginning of the pandemic that has allowed visitors to come in and watch the game.
Players from the home team will be given 3 vouchers to give out to their visitors of choice, and will turn them in when entering the game. If you are a player from the away team, you will not receive a voucher, but your number of visitors will be tracked on a roster upon entering the game.
This policy was put in place to limit the spread of COVID at sports games and keep our events as safe as possible. It allows family and friends to come together to watch a game that feels more “normal” while maintaining a healthy environment. The Holyoke Board of Health is dedicated to keeping their students safe and stopping the spread of the virus in our city. So far, our games have been running smoothly with little to no issues regarding the new policy.
Although we are allowing more away fans, there has not been a dramatic rise in those who are attending. Bleachers are placed fully on one side of the court, and halfway on the other to accommodate everyone. However, full capacity has not been reached, maintaining a safe number of guests. Everyone remains appropriately spaced and is following proper social distancing protocols.