Bianca Ortiz and her 1K milestone

Taleishka Morales Babilonia, Herald Writer

On March 3rd, 2022, a Holyoke High School student named Bianca Ortiz hit her 1K milestone. Bianca Ortiz achieved her 1,000th career point in a Division II Round of 32 contest where the score was 66-55 against South High. This was a story marked down in history. People keep mentioning that this was a big accomplishment in her basketball career as well as the fact that she was able to accomplish this goal as a Junior. Bianca was able to accomplish this milestone on the last basketball game of the season. When she achieved her goal, they stopped the game as her teammates, friends, and family all cheered her on. Some even ran onto the court with excitement to congratulate her on this amazing accomplishment. 

I recently spoke with Bianca and asked her if she can explain to me how it felt to hit her 1K milestone and any background she wants to share about her accomplishment. She said, “In the beginning of the game I had some nerves seeing all of those fans for me. The first five minutes of the game, I thought it was crazy and wild. I had a slight feeling in my gut that I wasn’t going to make it, but then when I got used to the game and I was mentally prepared. After I made a couple of buckets that’s when I got looser and I had confidence in myself. That’s when I told myself I got this, I’m going to do this, I’m going to make history happen because I need a name. This is my night and I’m going to show out for my team, my fans and all the supporters that were with me last night. Before all this had happened I kept telling myself, my girlfriend and other people, ‘oh I’m going to make it on a three’, ‘I wanna make it on three’ and I made it happen. In that moment, I had so much joy as soon as that shot went in for my 1K. It was an inspirational moment, a moment that I will never forget.”

In conclusion, hearing what Bianca had to say about her 1K milestone was both touching and inspirational to hear. Her sister Lilyanis Ortiz, one of her biggest supporters, said, “nothing is impossible, the word itself says IM-POSSIBLE!” I think this phrase is the perfect representation of Bianca and her amazing accomplishment as she was able to pursue this goal as a Junior in high school. This could not have been easy, but it was achieved by Bianca and the amazing athletic player she is. I’m sure she is going to accomplish so much more and this is only the beginning of her success. I know she is going to continue making her dreams come true and making her friends and family proud. Her name “Bianca Ortiz-Cordero” will continue to grow in the future and will be kept in history as it is placed on the 1,000 point club banner in the Holyoke High North Campus Gymnasium.