8th Graders Visit Holyoke High School


Taleishka Morales Babilonia, Photo Editor

     Just recently on February 7th and 8th of 2022, 8th graders came to visit Holyoke High North campus. A few students from Holyoke High, including myself, went to the middle schools and talked to the 8th graders about their own experiences at Holyoke High. We discussed all the opportunities that come within Holyoke high including clubs, sports, early college, AP classes, and more. On February 7th, 8th graders from the following middle schools came to visit Holyoke High: Peck, Sullivan, Stem, and Donahue and on February 8th it was Veritas, McMahon, and Charter. As one of the tour guides I can say that the tours were very successful. 


     As the 8th graders entered the building all of the teachers, staff, and student ambassadors of Holyoke High  cheered and welcomed the 8th graders with the “tunnel of love”.  While the Band played and the Cheerleaders cheered them on. Each of the schools were separated into groups of A,B,C,D,and E and assigned with two student ambassadors to give them a tour. As a tour guide I took my group from the gym to the library so they could learn about AP classes, the library itself, gear up, and early college. We then went to the Auditorium where they learned about the PMA academy, and the magicals and bell choirs did a performance. After the Auditorium we went to the cafeteria where the 8th graders can go around and explore the different clubs that we have to offer at Holyoke High including student government, The Herald, and more. Lastly, we went back up to the gym where the students got to learn about the sports that we have to offer. They also did a three point court contest and  some 8th graders were chosen by their tour guides to win a water bottle for being active during the tour whether it was asking questions or showing a lot of Holyoke High spirit. 


     In conclusion, the 8th grade visits were very successful. As one of the tour guides the 8th graders had many questions and seemed very interested in Holyoke High School North Campus. Some even said that they will be coming to Holyoke High. I hope to see some of those 8th graders next year here in the North Campus building and welcoming them to the Knights family as the class of 2026.