Important Information on early college decision and visiting campus


Maura Dulude, Herald Staff

Holyoke High School is now offering college information programs. Colleges present information about their campus and answer students questions. Everyone is invited to get involved in learning about different colleges both locally and nationally.  

What will this look like? On certain days at Holyoke High, colleges will come to the studio, which is located on the first floor across from the auditorium. Students will be invited into the studio to listen to the speakers talk about their college. 

Why should you get involved? College is very important for anyone who wants to pursue a higher education. College can help you be successful in the future. Evidence shows that people who go to college are more likely to obtain better job opportunities.

There are many benefits to entering college early. Choosing the perfect college for you can be challenging. That is why many high schools provide students with programs to assist students at Holyoke High School. 

A useful reason to learn about college beforehand is so that you can save money. College is very expensive, and planning ahead can help cut the cost of higher education. Applying ahead will lead to less stress and general worry. The matter takes time, and it would be very smart to prepare. 

Though, you should always explore or visit your college. Every college is different, and you may be able to find what works best for you.

If you are interested in signing up for any sessions, be on the lookout for information in your School Counseling Google Classroom and around the building. Many teachers have papers posted around their classrooms at your convenience. The sign up form is available online at, or in the counseling office. Various QR codes are available around the school as well. You can also obtain a calendar with the exact dates, and what colleges will be visiting. Don’t wait until it’s too late! Take advantage of the resources our school offers to prepare you for your future education.