Puerto Rico Mural in Holyoke


Maria Zaya, Herald Writer

Recently, a local Holyoke artist created a mural for the Puerto Rican cultural pride to represent the large community in the area. The Puerto Rican artist started painting in Brooklyn, New York. The colorful artwork here in Holyoke was made to entice visitors to shop and dine around the area. 


The painting of this project has a lot of people involved that share a purpose and a vision. The principal artist for the mural is Don Rimxs, who has participated in national and international urban beautification projects.  


In Holyoke, there is a public art project called “El Corazon,” which is seeking local artists with strong connections to the vibrant Puerto Rican/Latinx community. El Corazon is looking for artists that create work that responds to community-identified themes and ideas. Their work contributes to creating a Main Street that is a safe and vibrant gateway to the city.


Celebrating the Puerto Rican culture in Holyoke is very important for the artists, which explains why they want it to be colorful, inspiring, creative.


Celebrating creative expressions helps define who you are, and helps people see the world through the eyes of others. Culture is the lifeblood of a vibrant society, expressed in the many ways we tell our stories, remember the past, entertain ourselves and imagine our future.


There are numerous ways to get involved with Nueva Esperanza Inc. They are always looking for volunteers in all of their programs. Many programs are diverse in their missions and always need assistance.

Another out-of-the-box experience with art in the area is the Mount Holyoke College Art Museum. Although the museum is not open for the public, they have an amazing “world of wonder to discover online.” 


The Mount Holyoke College Art Museum gives viewers the opportunity to explore different points of view. The gallery, 3D museum, sightlines tour and virtual exhibitions are created by students and faculty and are waiting to be explored.