Auditions for Urban Ed Film at Holyoke High

Auditions for Urban Ed Film at Holyoke High

Savannah Donnelly, Herald Staff

On Wednesday, October 12, 2022, auditions were held in the auditorium at 1:40PM right after school for Urban Ed. It is a film based on the closure of the new leadership charter school in Springfield and shows the story of five brave students and their stories of the transition to a new and bigger school.

About 28 Holyoke High students attended auditions. One Holyoke High School student, Azariah, said she was nervous and scared, going on to state that she persevered and that it was not as bad as she expected. Azariah also stated that she envisions this experience giving her more opportunities.

The film will give the cast, crew and audience a sense of belonging since they will be able to resonate with the characters. It will also give the actors a sense of community knowing that there are other like minded people in school environments other than Holyoke High.

Students will benefit from this film due to the fact that they get the opportunity to act in front of a director. Their role in the play will be chosen based on their audition. Those casted will have the chance to get paid $150 daily. Being on-set with the director will give them experience of working with a script, other characters/actors and work ethics in the film industry. This will be especially true for students who want to pursue acting as a career.

Students do not need any theater or acting skills to audition for the film. Anyone can stop by during open auditions which are on different dates at various high schools.

Other opportunities that Holyoke High students have is joining Ms. Brunelle’s theater class and joining the Theater Company. Those involved in Theater Company have the opportunity to participate in musicals such as Radium Girls, Charlie And The Chocolate Factory and She Kills Monsters (the latter two of which will be performed this school year). Participating in such events gives students a sense of belonging within the acting community.

If you are not interested in auditioning or being a part of the theater or film world, do not hesitate to reach out to Ms. Brunelle for advice. For those interested, there is an acting and arts program at Holyoke Community College. This program introduces students to the concept of auditions for future productions, whether it be musicals or movies. Students and young adults should not be afraid to unlock a hidden talent or experiment with new hobbies. 

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