Jamie Lee Curtis Responds to Kanye West’s Discriminatory Comments on Twitter


Jacob Santos, Herald Staff

Recently, Jamie Lee Curtis responded to Kanye West’s presentation of anti-black sentiment and threats towards Jewish people on Twitter. She also sat down for an interview about the situation.

The world cannot catch a break from Kanye West’s outbursts. West made headlines again, but this time targeting the Jewish community. A threatening post made on his Twitter account went viral and led to a large response from various celebrities. 

In his post on October 9th 2022, West targeted the Jewish community by saying he is “gonna go d**th con 3 on Jewish people.” Others that were affected by these statements included many allies. Jamie Lee Curtis, for example, used her social media to state how she felt about the situation. In her latest post, she referred to Kanye West’s behavior as “abhorrent,” saying that it is unacceptable to make threats towards the Jewish community. Another reason Curtis is upset is because her family is predominantly Jewish.

The hurtful words by West are not only a form of discrimination, but also a complete insult to the Jewish community. As a society, people need to learn how to use their voices to express opinions respectfully. Adding more hate to this world does not achieve anything; it just adds fuel to the fire. If we all work together to share positivity, future generations have something good to look forward to.

Another major development in the story surfaced when West targeted the black community by wearing a shirt that read ‘WLM.’ White Lives Matter is a mockery of the Black Lives Matter statement. The black community responded to this act by utilizing their voices to express how it is offensive.

Yet this month, social media platforms such as Instagram and Twitter both took an initiative by banning West from accessing his accounts due to multiple violations of their policies. Because of this, many people have been wondering whether Kanye West will use different social media apps to push his political agenda. 

The interaction between Kanye West and other Hollywood figures created conversation around language use and the impact it has on marginalized groups. Those impacted were vocal about their feelings after the stated remarks. West’s comments are a negative response that only perpetuate hate and discrimation. Those who responded to Kanye were visibly upset and emotional. With that being said, it is always important to be mindful about how we speak. 

If you want to know more of Jamie Lee Curtis she is also an advocate for social justice standing up against those who show hate towards others. 

On another note, you can catch her in her newest production film “Haunted Mansion” by Disney productions. Or simply follow her on social media to stay updated on her latest activities.