Police Officers Accuse Woman of Unleashing Bees On Deputies During Eviction Protest

Police Officers Accuse Woman of Unleashing Bees On Deputies During Eviction Protest

Jacob Santos, Herald Writer

Have you ever thought of what you would do if you were getting evicted? Rorie S. Woods of Longmeadow is now facing charges of assault after allegedly releasing Swarm bees on deputies during an eviction process. While it is common for individuals to find different ways to prevent or slow eviction procedures, bees have never been used as a matter of defense.


The people who were most impacted (aside from the deputies) were the neighbors. The issue raised alarm due to the fact that many people are allergic to bees or afraid of them. People who have bee allergies should be more careful and alert of where bees are most prevalent. In the case of an emergency, they should consult a doctor to lower the risk of a potentially severe allergic reaction. 


Schools near the location of the incident may be concerned about the bees. This is so because students allergic are more likely this time around to be stung!


Yet, despite the common fear surrounding bees, they also have many positive impacts on the environment. For example, they are helping pollinate flowers. So even though many groups fear that too many bees in one area would scare the general public, it is useful to our lives.  


Adding to the situation in Longmeadow, it is certainly unusual to have bees stored in homes. This is critical news in terms of personal allergies and personal safety in Longmeadow. A way readers can be cautious in this climate is to simply be careful of where they are going and remain always vigilant outdoors. 


In this case, Woods was subsequently charged with assault and battery. She has pleaded not guilty to all charges. This particular story reveals an underlying message- people can inflict harm on others by using unusual weapons.


Since the investigation is still ongoing, readers should stay up-to-date on the situation. Various individuals familiar with the matter predict that Woods will take the ensuing verdict to court.


In conclusion, a woman was charged for unleashing bees on deputies during an eviction protest. Neighbors and schools may be concerned due to any personal allergens. Keep yourself posted with local news sites for more information on the matter. 


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