Interview with Samantha Brennan


Alina Fairlie, Digital Editor

Growing up and playing a sport has a major impact on childhood and what career you want to pursue in the future. Whether you decide to continue your sport after high school or are ready to move on, sports build character and create memories that can be cherished forever. 

Senior Samantha Brennan has grown up playing field hockey, and just completed her last fulfilling season with her team. As she is getting ready to move on and begin her college journey, she reflects on the past 10 years and what the sport has done for her. 

Brennan was asked about how team support has carried her through her journey. She responded by saying, “My high school team has developed over the years, but the team I had this year felt like a true family. I am so lucky to have them to support me and I can not thank them enough for watching me grow and allowing me to take a role in their season.” 

Brennan entered her 3rd year as co-captain of the team, and is an enthusiastic and inspiring role model for all of the players. Her team contributions were on full display when she stated, “I put my whole being into the sport and showed up everyday and gave 100%. I created a relationship with the team that felt like family. As captain, I was responsible for guiding parts of practices and making sure my teammates were doing well: “I organized many team events and tried to help everyone have the best year possible” stated Samantha.

Senior night was Brennan’s proudest moment, as she was given an opportunity to reflect on her past years at HHS and see support from her friends and family.

Brennan led on the field in addition to being a motivational team leader. She has made All Western Mass honors every year since 8th grade. She has made All League all four years of high school, and the honors haven’t even rolled out for this season. She was second in the league for Assists this year, and even scored her 50th point. 

Brenna Phillips and Ava Tellier, two Junior athletes on the team, were asked about the biggest takeaways and impact Sam will leave on the team. Phillips responded by saying, ”Sam’s leadership was so prevalent throughout the team, and we all look up to her.”

Tellier echoed Phillip’s claim, saying, ”she is so inspirational and her pep talks were top notch. That’s why I believe she is going to be the next Brian Lapis of 22 News.” Both of the girls send their best wishes to Sam as she prepares for the next step of her educational journey.  

Brennan is not sure if she will continue playing field hockey in college. Additionally, she acknowledged that leaving this part of her life behind will be difficult. No matter what she decides, she is grateful for the relationships, memories, and skills gained throughout her journey.