The Life as a Stage Crew Member


Amerie Rivera, Herald Staff

The world of theater goes beyond just the actors who perform on stage. Recently, during our latest production, Savannah Donnelly sat down for an interview about her experience being a crew member of the Holyoke High School Theater Company. The life of a stage crew member is quite interesting and it exposes you to new humanity skills you can utilize in the field. 

Most people who are a part of the crew work just as hard as the people performing on stage. They help everyone around them and always make sure everything is in place. 

Savannah is in her first year of being a stage crew member and she had a lot to say about her experience as a stage crew member. From the looks of it, being a part of the stage crew isn’t as easy as people think. On a typical day, they would often wake up at 8am making sure everything’s going as planned.

There are many people involved in the stage crew. Their bonds are very strong, which is crucial because they spend almost 12 hours together. To be a part of this adventure, there are no prerequisites or needed experience required. Please feel free to ask students or to spread the word. Holyoke High School is looking for new additions to the stage crew for this upcoming production. 

Most importantly, it is highly recommended to join if you enjoy theater but don’t wanna be directly on stage. Though this can be so fun, members need to be diligent, organized and fast. Time is precious with this kind of work.

Last piece of advice from Savannah Donnelly is “if you need help don’t be afraid to ask” help is always needed in the stage crew, so the more the better! If you are interested in being a part of the Holyoke High stage crew then you can speak to Bevan Brunelle in room 301 or email her directly at